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Brainiac 13 (New Earth)

Men's Bizarro Rebirth Print Long Sleeve T ShirtsAt the flip of the millennium, Brainiac revealed that he had positioned a sleeper laptop virus in LexCorp’s Y2K bug safeguards which was meant to dramatically enhance his skills. Men’s Print Silver Surfer Cartoon Short Sleeve Tee Shirt As an alternative, it allowed his upgraded future self, Brainiac 13 (or “B-13”), to journey from the 64th century to the present day and take control of Brainiac 2.5’s physique. Brainiac 13 began reworking Metropolis into the 64th century version of the city, which he managed. Although Brainiac 13 was in a position to achieve management of a number of android superheroes, such as the Red Twister, Hourman, and the Metallic Men, and use them against Superman, Superman discovered throughout a combat with the Eradicator that Brainiac couldn’t cope with Kryptonian know-how, giving Superman a plan to stop Brainiac’s scheme.

With Luthor using a Kryptonian warsuit and aided by Brainiac’s past self (now possessing the physique of Luthor’s infant daughter Lena Luthor), Superman tricked Luthor into plugging himself into one in every of Brainiac 13’s power conduits, claiming that Luthor would channel the power by a Kryptonian matrix to destroy Brainiac 13. Aided by the revived Red Twister, Superman managed to suck up the microscopic nanobots that composed Brainiac 13 and transfer them into the warsuit, leaving Brainiac 13 trapped in technology he couldn’t understand or use. However, realizing his defeat was inevitable, Brainiac 13 seized his last likelihood for escape and gave management of Metropolis to Luthor in trade for Lena/Brainiac 2.5, whom he forced to assist him escape.[1]

He returned to Earth together with a teenage Lena/Brainiac 2.5 (or “Leniac”), in the course of the multi-front conflict in opposition to Imperiex. Brainiac 13 claimed to be allying himself with Earth, however this proved to be a part of a posh plan to regain control. Remaining behind the scenes for most pink iowa hawkeye sweatshirt meaning of the conflict, in the intervening time when Imperiex’s armor was cracked thanks to the sacrifices of Unusual Customer and General Rock, Brainiac 13 appeared on the battleground with Warworld, absorbing Imperiex’s energies and vowing to make use of them to rule every little thing.[2]

In a desperate gambit, Superman dove into the heart of the solar, thus gaining an enormous energy enhance that enhanced his energy considerably. Rapidly realizing that Warworld couldn’t be destroyed without releasing Imperiex and triggering another Huge Bang, Superman and the Martian Manhunter formed a brief telepathic hyperlink to explain their new plan. With Darkseid’s powers weakened, he would use Tempest as a magical focus for his skills, empowered by the faith and strength of the Amazons, focusing the energy through Steel’s new ‘Entropy Aegis’ armor (which was created from a burned-out Imperiex probe), and, with Lex Luthor activating a temporal displacement weapon, Superman would subsequently push Warworld through a temporal Increase Tube, sending both Imperiex’s and Brainiac 13’s consciousness again 14 billion years to the large Bang, destroying each villains by a mixed effort.

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