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Following In These Electro-mechanical Footsteps

Writing code with another programmer is a great solution to absorb information, challenge yourself with new perspectives, and ultimately write better software. It can also be a fulfilling solution to get to know the thoughts of one other human being. Unfortunately, the logistics of writing code with one other programmer might be such a hassle that many people don’t trouble. Here are some of the frequent obstacles:

– Sharing the same bodily machine is unattainable for distant groups, and could be difficult to arrange even when teammates share the identical office.
– Cloud-based mostly IDEs and remote tmux classes ask you to maneuver your whole workflow into a hosted atmosphere, which isn’t at all times potential or fascinating.
– The connection latency of screen sharing poison tee shirts can lead to an awkward dynamic where only one collaborator can comfortably edit.

Social coding shouldn’t have to be this tough! At the moment, we’re taking a primary step towards making it just as simple to code together as it is to code alone with Teletype for Atom. At the dawn of computing, teletypes had been used to create an actual-time circuit between two machines so that poison tee shirts anything typed on one machine appeared at the other end immediately. Following in these electro-mechanical footsteps, Teletype for Atom wires the keystrokes of distant collaborators instantly into your programming environment, enabling poison tee shirts conflict-free, low-latency collaborative editing for any file you can open in Atom.