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A Batman Romance That Tells The real Story Behind The DC Comics Fiction

It was there all alongside, and Chris Dee noticed it, pulled it out and distilled it.
Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle may be comedian e book superheroes but within the pages of Cat-Tales, they warm and sincere, and real.

Chris Dee’s Cat-Tales is a Batman Romance like no other. The man inside the Bat, the lady inside the Cat, the life between the panels, the reality behind the masks.

The Darkish Knight Rises disillusioned real power rangers compression shirt 80 Batman and Catwoman fans in practically every approach however one. That one rewarding moment, set in Florence Italy, seems virtually to nod to Cat-Tales.

There is an in depth Fan Artwork Gallery for lovers of all things Batman and Catwoman. And even spinoffs keep the Catwoman and Batman Romance at the heart of the tales.

Spinoffs embrace JLAint covers the Justice League Reap What You Sow – power rangers compression shirt 80 Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn alternate universe by award-successful fanfic author Allaine and Batman and Dracula: Capes and Bats, when Dracula involves Gotham, in addition to