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Have I Missed Your Favorite Add-on

GitHub’s Atom is quickly maturing into probably the greatest code editors accessible. While it lost to Sublime Textual content in final year’s SitePoint Smackdown, many issues now not exist:

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– model 1.0 has been launched
– it’s easy to install on Windows, Mac and Linux
– velocity has considerably improved, and
– it’s still free but betters many industrial offerings.

The number of add-ons has elevated exponentially, with greater than 750 themes and a couple of,400 packages at the time of writing. The explanation: Atom may be prolonged using web applied sciences. If you’re working on Node.js or entrance-finish tasks, Atom is a great selection.

Bundle set up is straightforward. You’ll be able to either:
1. open the + Set up panel in the Settings tab then search for a package by identify, or
2. install from the command line utilizing apm install .

Listed below are ten important add-ons, plus a number of bonus ones, to make Atom even better …
1. Seti UI and Themes

Themes are subjective, and I’d usually keep away from recommending one. Nevertheless, Seti makes Atom look gorgeous and contains a variety of icons for file varieties together with SCSS, Much less, JSON, grunt configuration, gulp configuration and more. Mix it with the Monokai theme for a Sublime-busting expertise:
2. Open Latest

Like Sublime, Atom makes use of easy folder-primarily based challenge administration. The Open Recent package deal makes it simple to leap to just lately used folders or recordsdata:
When you require something slightly extra refined, attempt Venture Manager:

three. TODO-show
You’ve started Atom, opened a folder — what subsequent TODO-present reveals feedback scattered by way of your challenge containing key phrases resembling TODO, FIXME and adjusted, but it’s also possible to add your individual regexs:
4. Minimap

Minimap is one of Atom’s hottest packages, displaying a condensed view of your code for quick navigation. The characteristic enters your subconscious; you won’t think you’re using it, but you’ll miss it when it’s not there:
5. Spotlight Selected

When you select a key phrase or variable in Sublime Text or Notepad++, all other situations are shown. Spotlight Selected brings the function to Atom and is even better when combined with minimap-highlight-chosen:
6. pyrex vision shirt yarn Auto-shut HTML

This could also be easy, however I couldn’t live without auto-closing HTML tags: it doubles your mark-up creation velocity! The package lets you define which tags ought to complete inline (akin to

or ) and which create newline blocks.