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Injustice:Gods Amongst Us Wiki

Zatanna is a playable character in Injustice: Gods Among Us. She is the sixth and final DLC character and prices $4.99 on the PlayStation Store or four hundred Microsoft Points, and she’s included, together with the opposite DLC characters as a part of the ultimate Version. Her official launch date was August 13th. She is a Gadget Person.

Daughter of John Zatara, Zatanna is a member of the mystic tribe of sorcerers known as the Hidden Ones. Now a member of Justice League Dark, Zatanna protects the Earth from varied occult threats.

In Doctor Fate’s ending, Zatanna, along with John Constantine, provides Destiny with a shelter within the House of Thriller, hiding him from the Lord of Chaos who’re searching for their former agents after he disobeyed them by destroying Brainiac.

Zatanna is some of the powerful practitioners of magic seen in Injustice. Talking her spells as backwards words, Zatanna can solid illusions, manipulate elements, and even manipulate reality on a small scale permitting for teleportation or on the spot creation of several magical themed gadgets, starting from razor sharp throwing hoop discs, taking part in playing cards, and even her wand and Sargon’s hat. Zatanna isn’t restricted to using magic only in a battle, and possesses some hand-to-hand combat training, sometimes preferring kicks.

Zatanna can use her magic to quickly take control of her opponent, forcing their physique to obey her whims, but if she is attacked or her focused interrupted, her spell can broken. This is applicable to all of Zatanna’s spells, for if her focus is damaged, the magic is dispelled. Zatanna also can solely cast a single spell at a time as a consequence of the character of her casting requiring her to say her spells.

Erif Ssik (Fire Kiss): Erif Ssik is a flaming kiss that burns any opponent close enough to feel it’s heat. The Meter Burn version creates a massive ball of mystical flame that travels forward for short time. Urgent back plus Meter Burn quickly after doing the attack’s enter, creates a large ball of mystical flame that travels slowly ahead for a short time. Pressing ahead plus Meter Burn shortly after doing the attack’s input, creates a large ball of mystical flame that travels rapidly ahead for a short while.
Gniknil Sgnir (Linking Rings): Gniknil Sgnir hurls a ring of metal encased in mystical energy that travels full screen. Urgent up quickly after doing the attack’s enter, hurls a ring of metal encased in mystical vitality that travels upward. Urgent down shortly after doing the attack’s input, hurls a ring of steel encased in mystical vitality that travels downward. The Meter Burn model hyperlinks multiple rings right into a single, damaging projectile.
Tropelet Ni Tnorf (Teleport In Entrance): Tropelet Ni Tnorf teleports Zatanna in entrance of her opponent. Urgent forward shortly after doing the attack’s input, teleports Zatanna behind her opponent. Pressing back quickly after doing the attack’s input, teleports Zatanna away from her opponent. Pressing down shortly after doing the assault’s input, attempts to confuse opponents by disappearing and reappearing in place. The Meter Burn model permits Zatanna to get well quicker when popping out of her teleport.
(Air) Arataz Evid (Zatara Dive): The Arataz Evid is a dive kick that hits up to three instances. The Meter Burn model brings Zatanna to the bottom earlier permitting for a observe-up assault or combo.
Itlum Kcik (Multi Kick): Itlum Kcik sends Zatanna towards her opponent with a flurry of kicks. The Meter Burn version preforms extra, rapid-hearth kicks that launch the opponent.
Teppup Retsam (Puppet Master): Zatanna casts a potent spell on her opponent, reversing their controls for a short time frame. The Meter Burn takes control of the opponent’s body and walks them harmlessly in direction of Zatanna.
Ekoms Dna Srorrim r2d2 mens running shirt (Smoke And Mirrors): Ekoms Dna Srorrim is a spell that slits Zatanna into multiple versions of herself, forcing the opponent to guess which clone is actual. Zatanna becomes the middle clone throughout Ekoms Dna Srorrim. Urgent forward rapidly after doing the attack’s input, makes Zatanna develop into the front clone during Ekoms Dna Srorrim. Urgent back quickly after doing the attack’s enter, makes Zatanna develop into the again clone throughout Ekoms Dna Srorrim.
Etativel (Levitate): Etativel stops Zatanna in place whereas leaping permitting her to hover for a brief duration. Zatanna can preform Tropelet Ni Tnorf, Tropelet Dniheb, or Tropelet Tnief while hovering.
Ytfif Owt Pukcip (Fifty Two Pickup): Ytfif Owt Pukcip launches an entire deck of playing cards on the opponent for a medium vary attack.
Thgiarts Cigam (Straight Magic): Thgiarts Cigam unleashes a straight blast of magical energy that travels the size of the arena. Sargon’s Hat Stance only.
Drawpu Cigam (Upward Magic): Drawpu Cigam unleashes a blast of magic upwards that is beneficial to strike down airborne opponents. Sargon’s Hat Stance solely.
Dnuorg Cigam (Floor Magic): Dnuorg Cigam unleashes a blast of magic that travels throughout the flooring.
Cigam Rallip (Magic Pillar): Cigam Rallip is a spell that creates a rising pillar of magic that erupts from below the opponent, blasting them within the air. Sargon’s Hat Stance solely.
Brosba (Absorb): Brosba creates a magical portal capable of absorbing her opponent’s projectile attacks. Sargon’s Hat Stance only.
Gninthgil Dor (Lightning Rod): Gninthgil Dor is a strong incantation that encases Zatanna in a area of pure electricity, blasting back her opponent. Sargon’s Hat Stance solely.

– Seize: Zatanna grabs her opponent, and makes an enormous steel ring seem above them, and drops it down on them. The ring makes r2d2 mens running shirt them disappear, and Zatanna makes them reappear in the air, making them fall helplessly to the bottom.

Sargon’s Hat Stance: Zatanna places on her hat and takes out her wand, completely changing her preventing type. This has a restricted duration and is cancelled when harm is taken or the time runs out. Also, Zatanna can not bounce, dash, crouch, or block while this is in effect however meter is constructed up actually quick. Zatanna features access to new normal and new particular moves in this stance.

Avrah KaDabra: Zatanna pulls out her wand and casts a spell that surrounds her opponent in a dark blue vortex and lifts him/her into the air. If you have any type of concerns pertaining to where and {just how to|ways to|the best ways to|how you can} make use of Robin, you could contact us at the web-page. Zatanna then flies up to the opponent and creates a glowing ankh, (using magical hand motion[s]), casts magical power from the glowing ankh, then the magic power traps him/her in a golden glowing, diamond-shaped prison. She says an enchantment, flips the prison the other way up and sends it hurling towards the bottom.

– Wand Slap
Rising Wand
Wand Slam

Special Moves:

Thgiarts Cigam (Straight Magic)
Drawpu Cigam (Upward Magic)
Dnuorg Cigam (Floor Magic)
Cigam Rallip (Magic Pillar)
Brosba (Absorb)
Gninthgil Dor (Lightning Rod)

Fundamental Attacks:

Palm Strike
Ahead Strike
Spinning Sweep
Downward Smack
Double Lunge
Focus Push
Heel Flip
Low Smack
Sleight of Hand
Journey Trick
Flying Boot
Leaping Slap
Air Hex
Forward/Reverse Throw

Obsidian Age
Skilled Illusionist
Hocus Pocus
Ace of Clubs
Night time Chill
Ebook of Magic
Lost Father
Hidden Secrets
Magic Show
Counter Spell
Hidden Ones
Sentinel of Magic


Injustice Gods Among Us – Zatanna Ending
The defeat of Superman was a relief to Zatanna. During the Regime she and Doctor Fate had taken benefit of Superman’s vulnerability to magic and turned the Tower of Destiny into a sanctuary for Superman’s enemies. She had saved many lives, however years of subterfuge weighed closely upon her. After the Regime’s downfall, Zatanna was instrumental in restraining meta-humans during their trials, but when a jury recommended the death penalty for the extra immutable defendants, Zatanna intervened. She took the prisoners to the Tower of Destiny. There they might stay-incarcerated, however alive.

Zatanna is wearing a magician coat that’s black on the skin and red on the inside. Underneath she has on a white button-up shirt. Zatanna wears fishnets on her legs and in addition has excessive heel boots. Zatanna’s hair is brown and she puts on her traditional black hat upon activating her Character Trait.

Zatanna is voiced by Lacey Chabert, who voiced Zatanna in Younger Justice.
It was revealed by Ed Boon on Twitter that Zatanna gained the unofficial poll, adopted intently by Static.
Zatanna was initially positioned on the villain aspect roster of the Character Choose screen. The Injustice Recreation Patch 1.06 released on October 1, 2013 moved Zatanna to the heroes aspect roster by having her switch locations with Scorpion.
Her clash quote, “Assume I am going to flip you right into a newt!” is a reference to Monty Python and the Holy Grail (He bought higher).
Zatanna’s special moves are spelled backwards, this is a reference to her skill to perform any kind of magic by talking her magic words backwards.
Zatanna makes an look in Raiden and Physician Fate’s ending in Injustice 2.

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