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X-Men: Worst X-Man Ever #1

Who is the worst X-Man We asked you that just a few weeks in the past in the most important Spoilers Query of the Day, however now Marvel is responding with this sneak peek of X-Males: Worst X-Man Ever #1 by Max Bemis and Michael Walsh.

X-Males: WORST X-MAN EVER #1 (of 5)
Written by MAX red camo bape t shirt 60 BEMIS
Art & Cover by MICHAEL WALSH
Bailey Hoskins has just found he is a mutant. For somebody who’s by red camo bape t shirt 60 no means been particular, never stood out, discovering he’s “gifted” is really a gift. And with that reward comes probably the most thrilling red camo bape t shirt 60 alternative of all – entry into the hallowed halls of Xavier’s College for Gifted Kids and into the ranks of the world-well-known X-Males! But unfortunately for him…he might simply be the worst X-Man ever. Welcome to the X-Men, Bailey…hope you survive the experience!