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Brainiac (DC Animated Universe)

Women's Rey Custom Long Sleeve Tee ShirtBrainiac becomes aware of Krypton’s impending destruction, however finds the planet’s destruction of little importance in distinction to the significance of all of Krypton’s knowledge. He thus abandons Krypton when the planet is about to be destroyed, and creates a new objective for himself: to collect all the info of a planet after which destroy the planet. He views this as without end preserving the completeness and uniqueness of this info. He additionally believes that the fewer beings who’ve the data, the extra valuable it becomes.

Years after Krypton’s destruction, Brainiac kills a gaggle of aliens and pilots their ship to Earth. Intrigued that Kal-El (in any other case generally known as Superman) exists, he seeks to bond his DNA with that of Kal-El’s to continue his quest for knowledge. Superman destroys the Brainiac drone, but Brainiac continues to be a threat as he downloads his program into LexCorp’s computers.

Brainiac orders Lex Luthor to rebuild his body at one point, and then injures Luthor with a laser beam. Superman defeats Brainiac again, nevertheless.

Eventually, Brainiac seemingly assaults Apokolips, however Darkseid secretly makes a deal with Brainiac to lure in Superman. Darkseid hacks into Brainiac’s system and forces Brainiac to self-destruct, seemingly destroying Brainiac for good.

It is later revealed that Brainiac had spared Luthor solely to ensure his survival inside of Luthor. Brainiac deliberate to implant his thoughts into that of an Amazo droid, however was stopped by the Justice League. Brainiac flees from the Justice League utilizing Luthor’s physique. Luthor questions robin shirts hot topic Brainiac’s motivations enough to curiosity Brainiac, and the 2 merge together with Darkish Coronary heart nanotechnology to change into an ultimate being. Brainiac wishes Luthor’s creativity and Luthor desires the ability and knowledge that Brainiac has but in any other case has no idea what to do with.

Brainiac/Luthor decide to create a machine that will absorb robin shirts hot topic knowledge of planets in a single stroke, however they are stopped by the Flash.

Brainiac is seemingly gone from existence, but nonetheless exists within the thoughts of Luthor. Luthor discovers that Gorilla Grodd has the final current piece of Brainiac. Luthor desperately tries multiple manners of activating the one scrap left of Brainiac but it surely doesn’t work.

Finally, Luthor goes to the location of Brainiac where he was destroyed and attempts to resurrect Brainiac utilizing magic, however surprisingly resurrects Darkseid as an alternative. The psychic link is shattered from Luthor, thus ending Brainiac eternally. Luthor swears revenge on Darkseid, who now seems to have a few of Brainiac’s energy as effectively.

Some fragment or contingency facet of Brainiac makes an attempt by way of time travel to kill young Clark Kent in Smallville, however is opposed by the Legion of Tremendous-Heroes, who are nonetheless arduous-pressed to protect Clark and his human parents from the AI’s rampage. Enraged by his household being endangered, young Clark exceeds his present potential and pummels the attacker. Brainiac’s retreat is an erratic one, and he ends up flying into the sun, where he’s clearly shown to be destroyed.

In a later Justice League Limitless episode, Supergirl strikes to the thirtieth Century for various reasons, one among which is to be with a hero called Brainiac 5, an natural whose connections to the AI are not made clear on this model.

A variant on this Brainiac, additionally voiced by Corey Burton, and having an facet and motivations almost an identical to the DCAU version, appears on the Legion Of Tremendous Heroes animated series. At first, he’s merely a relic, a prior incarnation of the heroic Brainiac 5.Zero (the original known as 1.0 on this) that 5.Zero calls upon to resolve an issue his current program can’t handle. He in the end turns into the final Large Unhealthy of Season 2, corrupting his ‘descendant’ Brainy into deep villainy, till Superman prevails upon his outdated buddy to abandon that path. Seemingly destroyed, the remnants of 1.Zero are shown on the tail-end of the final episode once extra rebuilding themselves. Whereas many things are the same between the two unique Brainiacs, The Legion Of Super Heroes animated sequence is in a special continuity from the DCAU.