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Aquaman And The Kingdom Of Atlantis Vs. Black Panther And The Kingdom Of Wakanda

On an alternate model of Earth, Aquaman and Black Panther exist as rulers of their respective kingdoms. The remainder of the planet is more or less like it’s in actual life; different superheroes. The 2 kings and their kingdoms have been bitter enemies for years.

One day, Aquaman decides to invade Wakanda with the complete may of the Atlantean armed forces. Aquaman’s objective is to either annex Wakanda or wipe it off the face of the Earth; to either dethrone Black Panther or to kill him. Black Panther’s objective is to ensure the survival of his people and repel the Atlanteans for good.

This isn’t a single battle. It’s a war.
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Edit 1: I’m stunned that the comments to date put this battle so heavily in Wakanda’s favor. Please understand that DC Atlantis has waged battle on the floor world on multiple occasions, every time making use of their sci-fi know-how and magical artifacts to gain the higher hand. Each time they have been stopped required a combined effort between surface-dwelling governments and the Justice League.

Other issues to contemplate:
– In Justice League: Throne of Atlantis, Aquaman and Ocean Grasp formulated a battle plan that entailed bombarding coastal cities with colossal waves. When conflict was waged on the US, cities like Gotham, Metropolis, and Boston have been almost submerged.
– In the Flashpoint occasion, Atlantis had submerged all of Western Europe, besides (strangely sufficient) the British Isles. Even landlocked European countries were not secure from a battle ready Atlantis.
– Except I’m mistaken, Wakanda is a coastal nation. My only foundation for this assumption is Storm and Black Panther’s honeymoon, where they sunbathed by the ocean in what I feel was a Wakandan beach.
– Within the DC animated universe, Aquaman’s evil brother Orm almost flooded the complete world with the use of the Doomsday Thermal Reactor, which might have melted the Arctic Circle’s ice caps.
– All Atlanteans – not simply Aquaman – are superhuman. Because they’ve tailored to residing in undersea stress ranges, Atlanteans possess superhuman sturdiness, equilibrium, stamina, and power. Aquaman is taken into account a “super robin williams sweatshirt valve Atlantean”, robin williams sweatshirt valve as a result of his bodily skills exceed that of the typical Atlanteans. But in comparison with the typical Human, Atlanteans are physically rather more formidable.

Due to all of this, I believe a floor war between Atlantis and Wakanda is much more even than many folks may assume.

Edit 2: I did not realize this until at this time, however during the AvX event, a Phoenix Pressure-possess Namor assaulted Wakanda directly with gigantic waves. If something, this proves that Wakanda is a coastal nation, and that it is vulnerable to the types of assaults that DC Atlantis is understood for launching.