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Potato In the Microwave

I can be one among rundisney avengers shirts the primary people to say that it’s not safe.
I have no idea what happened. It was three small potatoes, on a plate, within the microwave (earlier than that, I had solely accomplished a single potato at a time). I put ’em within the microwave while I was taking a shower, as I used to be going to make a hash for breakfast.

Once i got here out of the shower, there have been two charred remains of a potato, one in every of which was glowing. I don’t know what happened to the third potato. Perhaps it was reduced to ashes.

The burning smell was bad … it took me months of repeated cleanings making an attempt to get the scent to go away, but it was nasty. And the tray in my microwave broke a few weeks after the incident (just randomly cracked in half) … I do not know in the event that they had been associated, however I blame the potato.

Now, since that incident, I’ve learned that a number of spherical things close to one another in the microwave is unhealthy (would possibly’ve been an episode of Mythbusters or Brainiac, I am unable to remember), so it’d’ve been the fact that I had three potatoes in there directly. It might even rundisney avengers shirts have been an imperfect potato (you recognize how you generally get that odd black splotch or a void in the middle of a potato I do not know how that might affect microwaving).

Never once more will I microwave a potato. Normally, I make a number of extras when I’m baking some up, wrap ’em in foil, and stash ’em within the fridge, so I am all prepared for after i want to make a hash, I simply did not have any prepared on that particular day.