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Never forget A Trailing Semicolon Once more!

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It hasn’t even been every week and we’ve already seen quite a lot of wonderful packages emerge from the Atom neighborhood! Some saint walker t shirts limited are tremendous useful and others are… well, helpful if you want to blow up your code.

Atom-jshint by Joezo
This bundle uses the wonderful jshint node module to visually show JavaScript errors in realtime. Always remember a trailing semicolon once more! However if you wish to reside the semicolon-free way of life don’t fear. The bundle also respects .jshintrc recordsdata so you’ll be able to disable any warnings you don’t care about. Read more about it on

Rdio by EtienneLem
While the Spotify package is pretty cool, the Rdio package cranks it as much as 11! Not solely can you play or pause your music, however you may add the current track to your assortment or sync it to your mobile system! And it additionally adds a fancy little equalizer to your standing bar. Men’s Ant-Man Transparent Print Long Sleeve T-Shirt Read extra about it on

Prettify by adambutler
There’s nothing worse than poorly formated HTML. Critically, nothing. Thankfully there are HTML prettifiers! Just choose some ugly HTML and run the prettify command from the command palette and all the pieces can be right on saint walker t shirts limited this planet. Learn more about it on

Block Travel by leejarvis
Block journey lets you jump between blocks of code utilizing alt-up and alt-down. It’s a easy concept that seems to be surprisingly useful, particularly when you notice it really works with selections by utilizing alt-shift-up and alt-shift-down. Additionally, @leejarvis will get bonus points for writing bundle specs! Read saint walker t shirts limited more about it on

asteroids by mojombo
We’ve all wished to destroy some piece of code, but deleting it isn’t satisfying sufficient. Justice calls for that code feel the same pain it has inflicted upon us. Luckily some dude named mojombo whipped up a bundle to help annihilate code and quench our digital bloodlust.