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Happiness And ADHD

Just lately I’ve observed that being “happy” or striving for “happiness” is a significant subject of many conversations. We appear to stay in a world where we’re inundated by information about being completely satisfied. Pursuing it might literally be a full time job! Being someone who has struggled with depression, it has made me surprise what would occur if we have been completely satisfied on a regular basis, whether unhappiness has a function, and if happiness is de facto the purpose.

So what would happen if we were happy on a regular basis
Think about being a kind of people who was all the time blissful (there are some out there). What would that be like Waking as much as greet each day with a smile, and looking out ahead to regardless of the day will convey. Sounds great. I for one can be tempted to remain and delight in that blissful state of happiness and do nothing else.

And once i imply nothing else…I imply just that. Life could be good. I can be glad. And i probably wouldn’t feel the need to alter. Or grow or take on challenges that may make me uncomfortable. So I might do the identical things each day. As a result of let’s shield t shirt avengers zero face it… if I’m pleased with things simply the way they’re, why would I do something to alter that

Hmmm…almost sounds boring.
fingers coupleLooking at it that way, I am not sure we’re meant to solely be completely satisfied. As a student of science I do know that very little we experience as human beings is random. Whether that is bodily or psychological. Evidently experiencing the entire vary of emotions from comfortable to sad allows us full expression of our feelings. Realizing that happiness is at one end of the spectrum, perhaps it’s generally okay to additionally acknowledge being sad. Sometimes…it may even be mandatory.

What do we get from unhappiness
For many individuals, depression is a typical co-occurring condition with ADHD. In reality almost 50% of individuals with ADHD experience emotions of low temper, sadness, or hopelessness along with the ADHD symptoms of distractibility, problem focusing, impulsivity and restlessness. With these statistics, it appears that evidently UNhappiness is a somewhat normal emotion of ADHD. Actually, I’d even go out on a limb to say that it is a vital component.

As a result of whereas being sad will not be very fun, there is a richness that comes with its ups and downs. A selection. Being always happy can be boring. Boredom is the bane of existence for people with ADHD. We keep away from boredom at all costs. Perhaps unhappiness gives us with a range of experiences that keep issues from feeling all the same. We understand that if we can’t be happy in that moment, we might as well be experiencing something fascinating and different to attempt to seek out that feeling of bliss.

We also tend to value issues more if we work for them or if they’re a challenge. If being completely satisfied had been simple, would we recognize it Unhappiness and dissatisfaction is uncomfortable. Most individuals don’t like being uncomfortable so we seek out ways to vary things, for issues to be completely different. Whether or not it be in our work, our relationships, our setting, the best way we deal with ourselves or the way we let others treat us, unhappiness propels us to make changes, study and develop.

So though being unhappy shouldn’t be ideal, maybe it is important. Unhappiness, although not advisable as a relentless temper, gives us something to push in opposition to as we attempt for happiness. It is a vital part of why persons are prepared to work so exhausting and take the dangers to make adjustments personally and of their world.

And is happiness even the purpose at all
Having been there, I’m not saying we should always pursue or have fun sadness, but perhaps it’s okay to simply accept, embrace and experience our sadness as being vital to dwelling a full life fairly than something to flee.

Personally I find it useful to acknowledge my sadness when I’m experiencing it, so I can study from it and transfer forward. Nothing is worse for me than placing on a “happy” face.

A couple of years in the past I read a e-book recommended by my shield t shirt avengers zero daughter’s English instructor. A quote from the ebook seems to sum issues up:

“So, this is my life. And I would like you to know that I am each completely satisfied and unhappy and I’m still trying to figure out how that could possibly be.” Perks of Being a Wallflower

After all, life is stuffed with both richness and sadness and, if we’re to dwell a full and significant life, it means accepting all of our emotions – good, unhealthy, comfortable and unhappy.

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