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Get Ready For Miles Morales!

There’s been a number of Spider-Man film discuss currently, and it’s centred around the development of a Spider-Man Universe of standalone motion pictures primarily based on characters like Venom, or Silver Sable and Black Cat. For the time being, Marvel and Sony have an arrangement to co-own the live-motion Spidey (principally), however that doesn’t imply that Sony can’t go rogue and proceed with it’s own Spider-factor, like having their own separate animated Spider-Man. Oh sure, there will soon be two Spider-Men on screen, and now the one that will be animated has his personal voice. Get prepared for Miles Morales! (more…)

New Animated Spider-Man Movie Will Tell The Story Of Miles Morales
Men's Darth Vader Rogue One Custom Long Sleeve T Shirts01-18-17 • Movie Posted by Simeon Cortezano

The story of Miles Morales and his quest for fame on the massive display screen in all probability dates back to when Captain America: Civil Struggle was simply in pre-production. Again then, there have been murmurs that someone huge was going to make a cameo in the film. Of course the internet exploded when Spider-Man was announced as that hero. Immediately, questions emerged whether or not it was going to be Peter Parker or Miles Morales. There was little doubt it was all the time going to be Parker since he performed a pivotal role within the comedian guide telling of Civil Warfare. The collective disappointment that it wasn’t Miles Morales didn’t go unheard. It was just additional proof that something needed to be executed about Marvel’s insta-movie star. And now something is being executed – he’s getting his personal animated film.

“Everyone is F***ing Fantastic”: Sebastian Stan Weighs In on ‘Civil War’
03-13-sixteen • Movie Posted by Konstantine Paradias

Civil Conflict is the massive MCU punch-out that’s been hyped to the Moon and again and we can get why, especially contemplating the wider implications this will have on the bigger timeline. While some followers had their doubts, test audiences were particularly hyped after the first screenings and now, Sebastian Stan, the Winter Soldier, had some fairly nice first impressions to lay down on us…

Marvel Comics Teases Miles Morales 616 Solo Debut
06-22-15 • Comics Posted by Adam A. Donaldson

We all know that after Secret Wars, things are going to be “all-new and all-different” within the Marvel Comic Ebook Universe (as they at all times are after a major event sequence). One of the crucial tantalizing bits is that elements from the regular Marvel Universe and the final word Marvel Universe might be merging, thus leading to a new regular that may genuinely be “all-new and all-different” in any case. The biggest change is that Ultimate Spider-Man, Miles Morales, might be in the regular Marvel 616 Universe and be part of the new Avengers line-up, however greater than that, Marvel is releasing a solo e-book for Miles, which is able to merely be known as Spider-Man. (more…)

The ultimate Spider-Man Trailer We’re More than Ready to See
06-05-15 • Film Posted by Nicole Canovas

A brand new Ultimate Spider-Man trailer has been launched, and this one is slightly completely different; largely because this trailer is for a film that doesn’t exist. But. This shirt batman superman trailer is, fairly, a sign of hope, and proves the purpose that this film can exist. “This movie” shirt batman superman being a Spider-Man movie where the titular web slinger is not Peter Parker, however half Hispanic-half African American Miles Morales.

Now You already know All the Avengers For the Put up-‘Secret Wars’ Group

03-26-15 • Comics Posted by Adam A. Donaldson
Secret Wars is coming! If you’ve been following the developments in Marvel Comics over the past couple of months, then you already know that this newest massive event miniseries is being billed as Marvel’s largest and eventiest miniseries ever put to the printed web page, and simply bigger than final summer’s occasion, whatever that was. (Seriously, what was it once more ) Anyway, Marvel’s been teasing us the last couple of days about who’s going to make the minimize when the Avengers are re-formed and re-united post-Secret Wars, and if the rumors are true, then the artistic group had all of the Marvel Universes to select from. So who ended up making the cut (more…)

Right here We Go Again… Marvel Comics Teases New Avengers Line-up
03-24-15 • Comics Posted by Adam A. Donaldson

You may or may not have heard about this thing known as Secret Wars. It’s the newest Marvel Comics event miniseries that kicks off in the subsequent couple of months, and promises – You guess it! – to vary issues within the Marvel Universe ceaselessly. Not content material to advertise the heck out of Secret Wars and all its ancillary tie-ins, spin-offs and one-shots, Marvel Comics now wants to tease us with the aftermath, and it begins with one other thrilling recreation of guessing who’s now an Avenger. Marvel passed around the below graphic this morning that includes the mostly silhouetted staff, with two new team members already confirmed. So who will now stand with Earth’s Mightiest Heroes (more…)

Donald Glover Lives the Dream as Final Spider-Man in Disney XD Sequence
08-26-14 • Comics, Television Posted by Adam A. Donaldson

You would possibly recall an enthusiastic push from fans previous to the casting of Andrew Garfield because the Wonderful Spider-Man to present the role to Neighborhood co-star Donald Glover. You might even remember Glover egging that campaign on, and carrying Spider-Man pajamas in the second season premiere of Neighborhood. True, Glover didn’t get the part, but when the nerd gods shut a door, in addition they open a window. And with that, we get the news that Glover has been cast to present voice to Ultimate universe Spidey Miles Morales in the new season of the Disney XD collection Final Spider-Man: Web Warriors. (The sequence is being re-named for its third season.) (more…)

Andrew Garfield Talks Miles Morales Taking over the Mantle of ‘The Wonderful Spider-Man’
04-29-14 • Comics, Movie Posted by Brent Cook

With the expanding TASM universe, one has to marvel if we’ll ever see another character take up the mantle of Spider-Man on display. If the rumor that Andrew Garfield won’t return for a fourth film is true, then we would positively have to seek out one other internet-slinger to take his place, but may it’s one other character altogether Maybe, the character that took over for Peter Parker in the last word Spider-Man comics, Miles Morales Click on through to see what the current Spider-Man had to say on the potential for passing the torch. (more…)

Parker and Morales Meet in Marvel’s ‘Spider-Men’
04-eleven-12 • Comics Posted by Adam A. Donaldson

After 12 years, the primary Marvel 616 Universe is crossing over with the final word 1610 Universe within the form of Spider-Males, the meeting up of Peter Parker and Miles shirt batman superman Morales.

In today’s announcement from Marvel, the much teased Spider-Men, might be a miniseries launched in June from author Brian Michael Bendis and artist Sara Pichelli. Jim Cheung can be doing major cowl art, but there can be variants.