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DC Really Needs You To Love Aquaman

Aquaman is an odd duck with regards to superheroes. He’s been continuously in print since the ’40s, however he’s largely known for being a second-stringer; not even the Powerpuff Girls take the poor guy critically. But that’s something DC wants to change.

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A minimum of, that’s the thrust of a Selection piece discussing DC’s plans for the King of the Seven Seas. Though it have to be mentioned that details are thin on the bottom for what’s truly going to occur with ol’ Orangeshirt, even when Aquaman is a “priority character” for DC:

[Geoff] Johns believes a greater structure is now in place. “He turned just a little little bit of a joke,” the comics government mentioned. “Suddenly, he was nobody’s favorite tremendous hero.” Now, DC has set up main storylines in coming months that may cross his comic with its “Justice League” and has given the character distinguished placement in videogames. And his comics include jokey references to the hero’s previous portrayals. “He’s a personality that we discuss fairly a bit about.”

One does have to ask, although, how this will work. Even Selection is compelled to admit that the Aquaman pilot that was shot in 2006 didn’t really have quite a lot of potential, though not less than we got a chance to see it. And there are different problems.

Aquaman had a powerful launch in the new fifty two, but it reasonably quickly fell into the standard Aquaman hijinks, particularly being what quantities to a high fantasy book under the sinestro corps shirt waves. It’s enjoyable to read, however it doesn’t actually translate to the large display or a Television show, and it doesn’t help that to make a stay-motion Aquaman, you’ve obtained to go under the water; underwater shooting is advanced, costly, difficult, and dangerous.

Oddly, DC has already cracked this nut, in a manner. Aquaman as a character on Batman: The Brave and The Daring was good: He was equal components swashbuckling superhero and preening jackass, making him funny without making him a joke. It helps that he was voiced by none apart from Bender himself, John DiMaggio.

There’s a purpose Aquaman reveals up in a 3rd of the episodes in that collection. Why this Aquaman doesn’t have his own webseries is totally past 100% Cotton Cartoon Finn Short Sleeve Custom Design Children’s T-shirt us. Stick with this idea, DC, and Aquaman shall be extra popular before you understand it.