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Black Canary 1-3

A really odd, but attention-grabbing, take on Black Canary.

Effectively, this is … odd.

Black Canary has been around for nearly seventy years now. However she’s tended to be handled as an adjunct to another person – she started as a character in the Johnny Thunder strip, when she first had her own strip it was a back-up in Flash Comics, and she has usually been a part of a bunch, as a member of the Justice Society of America or the Justice League, or as Green Arrow’s lover and associate. She was extra distinguished in Birds of Prey, but nonetheless not someone round whom every little thing was revolving. There have been Black Canary solo spider woman costume shirt mockup books now and again, however none have lasted very long, or made a lot of an affect.

When Batgirl writer Brenden Fletcher came to the character, he evidently determined that he needed to do something completely totally different with the character. In that he actually succeeded. This may be very positively not the Black Canary that you’re aware of. “Black Canary” here will not be the title of the character, but the title of a band, of which Dinah Drake is lead singer. The band play riotous gigs, which almost at all times finish in a combat. This really should be an Elseworld (remember those, youngsters ), however apparently it is an element of the present DC continuity – not that many individuals could make much sense of DC continuity as of late. There’s a bit more to the story – there are aliens in pursuit of Dinah’s band, and an ex-husband with a commando crew also following them. Quite what’s going on has but to be absolutely revealed.

One of many definite strengths of this comedian is the characterization. Having run into bother with the depiction of a trans character in Batgirl, Black Canary is filled with the type of people you don’t normally see in superhero comics, reminiscent of guitarist Ditto, or drummer Byron. The members of the band Black Canary are clearly depicted as some number of queer – however the exact nature of their queerness will not be set out, as if to say “actually, this isn’t the most important factor about these characters”.

Annie Wu’s artwork is reasonably incredible. She adopts a different fashion from that she employed in Hawkeye – here there’s a way more overt affect from underground and punk comics. She takes the “Classic” Black Canary costume, fishnets and leather jacket, and turns it into a look rather than a uniform, a glance that is totally appropriate for a punk rock singer. Lee Loughridge enhances the artwork with moody colouring.

This is probably the weirdest Black Canary comic you’ll ever read. spider woman costume shirt mockup Han_Solo But given the lack of imagination seen in so many superhero comics as of late, particularly these coming from DC, it’s a refreshingly different comedian. How long this trip will last it’s exhausting to say – there are plenty of hints within the story that it’s time-restricted – however it’s a trip value going together with.