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The Secret Behind The Secret

Are you fed up with failure Perhaps you are doing O.K. for yourself, but want more. So much more. You know you are capable of so much more. After watching “The Secret”, are you stuck in the hamster-wheel, trying to unlock the formula to use your mind to achieve your dreams Well you’re in luck, because there is a secret behind the secret.

Women's Print SJPA Black Widow Short Sleeve T-ShirtThe movie was not star trek tos shirt design good enough. It was an introduction, a little tease. Now the basic concept in “The Secret”, which is the Law of Attraction, is true: thoughts become things. However, this isn’t enough information for us to succeed. We need to go deeper, we need to become more knowledgeable, and truly understand this concept. There is a secret behind the secret.

We live in an ocean of energy. In an ocean of vibration. Quantum Physics points to the discovery that your thoughts and all your observations make things real for you. This points to a missing link for many people. What goes on in your head, and what you observe, actually changes the way you “perceive” reality. This perception is what is creating your life.

We are all made of the universal field. We live in a world of potential energy. Everything that you observe, everything that is going on inside your head is vibrationally transformed into what we perceive to be the physical world. Let’s break it down. In this universal field, thoughts are energy. This is where attraction comes into play: This energy that goes on inside your head, transforms into equivalent physical energy in the outer world. This is the secret behind the secret.

You can not just set forth one thought of having your dream house, or your dream car, and except to get it. The Law of Attraction is deeper then that. It’s about your overall awareness and consciousness of your being at all times. Your job is to use consciousness at all times to set forth intentions. It is LAW that those intentions will happen. Energy attracts energy. This universal field of vibration will not let anything else happen. This is the secret star trek tos shirt design behind the secret that was not emphasized.

It is very possible, and very necessary to create everything you want. However, you must realize that at every single moment, you are painting the picture of your physical reality. This is more than just success people. This is the purpose of the universe.

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Next, if you’re serious about creating your dream life, I suggest you check out this free teleseminar by Bob Proctor. The Secret did not leave you equipped with the tools to successfully manifest, and Bob explains the missing pieces. Visit

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