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Present Promo Codes For “Marvel Heroes”

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Laptop that present might be anything from a temporary experience boost to a very new character.

How to make use of Promo Codes In “Marvel Heroes”
Log in to your Marvel Heroes account on

Click “Profile” in the highest left nook of the web page.
Click the “Redeem Key” hyperlink on the left facet of the page.

Kind or copy and paste your code into the “Enter Key” field, then choose submit.
To affirm that the promo code was redeemed appropriately, click on the “Account Summary” hyperlink on the left side of the page, then scroll down to view your order historical Discount Cotton Summer Blue Beetle Logo Children’s T-shirt past. The item from the code ought to be at the top of the record.

The reward associated with the key will routinely be placed in your inventory the following time you play Marvel Heroes.

Marvel Heroes 2016 – 2100 G Bundle [Sport Code]You may purchase in-sport currency for “Marvel Heroes” to unlock characters, costumes and the like if you want, however you may also earn these things without spending a dime by merely star trek tos shirt yahoo enjoying the game.

Buy Now Notes
All keys are case delicate.

Most keys expire within per week or two, although some may last longer or even indefinitely.
Extra keys shall be added to the listing below as they’re launched.

“Marvel Heroes” Promo Codes
(click on column header to sort results)
Date Released Promo Code Objects Unlocked

6/4/15 2NDBDAY Staff-Up Gear Boost, Iridium Triple Boost
4/30/15 ULTRON Cosmic Penta Rush Increase and 200 Protector Commendations

4/24/15 ASSEMBLE Two Hour Iridium Triple Increase
04/20/15 Influence 200 GLF Affect

04/03/15 SUESTORM Retcon Potion
03/22/15 Banhammer Uncanny Fortune Card

03/22/15 MoarLoots Sweet Rush Enhance
03/22/15 BaconsTheBest Two Hour Special Merchandise Discover Increase

03/22/15 OnslaughtReturns Patrol Enhance
03/22/15 StillNotBetsy Omega Factors Box

03/21/15 Doomsawed Fortune Card MK II
03/21/15 AgeofMayhem Future Foundation Fortune Card

03/21/15 CowKingReturns Cosmic Cow King Gift Crate
03/19/15 BIG10 Huge Ten 2015 Daily Present

03/06/15 BOBBYD Expertise Rush Increase
02/28/15 COMEGA X-men Fortune Card

02/23/15 Limitless Experience Rush Boost
02/07/15 VDAY15 Candy Rush Increase

02/06/15 BUCKY Triple Iridium Bar
01/29/15 SHINY Particular Item Find Rush Boost

01/23/15 COWABUNGA a hundred P.c Expertise Enhance
01/20/15 TOXIN Particular Item Discover Rush Enhance

01/09/15 NEWYEAR Triple Iridium Bar
01/06/15 SUGAH Two Hour Experience Boost

12/19/14 H3RB1E Vacation H.E.R.B.I.E. Box
12/18/14 FUTURE Future Fortune Card

11/25/14 XGIVING Uncanny Fortune Card
11/24/14 BONANZA Cosmic Penta Rush Enhance

11/14/14 PATROL Patrol Enhance
11/07/14 INCRSN Two Hour Rarity Increase

eleven/04/14 UNSTOPPABLEMASSIVELY Expertise Rush Boost
eleven/04/14 UNSTOPPABLETENTONHAMMER Rarity Rush Increase

eleven/04/14 UNSTOPPABLEMMORPG Iridium Triple Rush Vitality Bar
eleven/04/14 UNSTOPPABLENICK Special Item Find Rush Enhance

10/31/14 CYTTORAK Halloween Each day Login Gift
10/25/14 Deal with Halloween Every day Login Reward

10/18/14 ROCKET Two Hour Eternity Splinter Boost
10/10/14 HRBGO Two Hour Special Merchandise Discover Increase

10/03/14 PRIME Midtown Madness Reward Field
09/26/14 ADVP2 Four Hour Omega Enhance

09/19/14 BRONX Iridium Triple Rush One Hour Vitality Bar, star trek tos shirt yahoo Summer time Seashore Social gathering Fortune Card
08/30/14 MADNESS Each day Midtown Madness Present Field

08/22/14 Access Two Hour Experience Increase
08/17/14 ARMOR Bounty Hunter Increase

08/08/14 COSMICBUFF Cosmic Penta Rush Increase
08/03/14 HAPPYTHURSDAY Experience Rush Increase

08/03/14 GUARDIANS Galactic Guardians Boost
07/29/14 MISFITS Experience Rush Vitality Bar

07/26/14 SDCCMH2015 One Random Character Unlock
07/18/14 LIFEISABEACH Rarity Rush Energy Bar

07/eleven/14 STRETCH Two Hour Particular Merchandise Discover Increase
07/05/14 OOGACHAKA Two Hour Particular Item Discover Boost

07/05/14 OVER9000 Two Hour Particular Item Discover Boost
07/05/14 REEDRICHARDS Two Hour Uncommon Item Find Enhance

07/05/14 HOTPEPPER Two Hour Uncommon Merchandise Discover Enhance
07/05/14 4HORSEMEN Two Hour Expertise Increase

07/03/14 HOTDOGS Two Hour Iridium Triple Boost
06/29/14 SPOILERSAW Special Merchandise Find Rush Increase

06/29/14 XAREXTHEBOSS Cosmic Penta Rush Enhance
06/29/14 HERETICLOVESMIDTOWN Experience Rush Increase

06/29/14 MAKERAWRNOTWAR Rarity Rush Enhance
06/28/14 MOBSOFMAYEHM Rarity Rush Boost

06/28/14 BACONISGREAT Expertise Rush Increase
06/28/14 AMTHUARAIDS Rarity Rush Boost

06/28/14 RYOLNIRSBEARD Particular Item Discover Rush Increase
06/28/14 PSILOCKEHEARTSBETSY Experience Rush Enhance

06/27/14 EPIC12 Iridium Triple Rush Vitality Bar
06/24/14 RNDMHRO One Random Character Unlock

06/20/14 CAK3 Piece of Birthday Cake
06/14/14 MARVELRUSSIA Two Hour Expertise Enhance

06/14/14 B1RTHDAY Piece of Birthday Cake
06/05/14 GLASSCANNON Two Hour Expertise Enhance

06/05/14 ANIRUOK Omega Factors Field
05/30/14 BEWORTHY Odin’s Bounty Enhance

05/24/14 2015 Three Fortune Playing cards
05/sixteen/14 WAKANDAN Iridium Rush Bar

05/16/14 MIDTOWN Armor Tech
05/08/14 BNTYHNTR S.H.I.E.L.D. Recruitment Pack

05/08/14 BOUNTY Bounty Hunter Boost
04/25/14 PEWPEWPEW Triple Iridium Bar

04/25/14 VENGEANCE Triple Iridium Bar
04/25/14 REDWHITEBLUE Triple Iridium Bar

04/25/14 NOTASKRULL Triple Iridium Bar
04/25/14 FASTBALL Triple Iridium Bar

04/18/14 SPRCNDY Spring Candy Increase
04/eleven/14 2XFUN Two Triple Iridium Bars

04/10/14 INSTITUTE Taskmaster’s Mystery Field
04/06/14 RECRUIT S.H.I.E.L.D Agent Preparedness Equipment
What strategy do you are taking to taking part in “Marvel Heroes “

I take the time to unlock new characters, and so forth.without cost, solely by playing.
I buy new characters, and many others.occasionally, although I could eventually unlock them free of charge.
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