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Batman Past: Return Of The Joker / Nightmare Fuel

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Random Nightmare Gas

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Nightmare Gas / Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker
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– First issues first, the teaser trailer itself. A creepy, flashing purple background with a monotone, deep-voiced narrator accompanied by the occasional sound of the Joker’s menacing laughter. – Making things worse was the truth that it was on every Warner Bros. children’ video in star wars dad shirt summer season/fall 2000. Can you imagine being a kid planning on watching Scooby-Doo, just for that trailer to return onscreen and terrify you, particularly when it was paired with the Warner Bros. Halloween ad mentioned in the Vanity Plate part

– The soundtrack, “Joker Family Portrait”, makes it all the worse. While it begins off as a gentle and bouncy (if somewhat morbid) riff on 50’s sitcom themes, complete with Mickey Mousing, every part stops useless with a sudden low piano chord as Tim is revealed strapped to the working desk. As both he and Joker begin to laugh uncontrollably, the horns play a Dark Reprise of the sooner “household” leitmotif. Worst of all is the high, screaming electric guitar notes, apparently created with the vibrations from a music box.

– We do kinda know that this line is coming, although, as it is hinted at twice earlier, first when the Joker and his gang crash the party at Wayne Enterprises, and Bruce sees him for the first time in forty years. Bruce: It cannot be…
Joker: Oh, no. Your old eyes do not deceive you, Brucie! In spite of everything, who’d know me better than you

– After which all our fears are horrifyingly confirmed when Joker invades the Batcave and says the two phrases we never wished to listen to: Joker: Hawkeye Whats up…Batman. (Evil Chuckle)

– The concept that Harley genuinely wanted a family truly makes her half in the state of affairs much more horrific should you give it some thought. She was completely willing to assist the Joker sacrifice an innocent boy’s sanity for the sake of having a child of her own and reveals no objections to it at all.

– Doubles as Tear Jerker if you notice this can be a Call-Again to Terry’s origin as Batman. He came dwelling to the same scene one night and located his father inside, brutally murdered. The killer could even have painted/carved a smile on Warren McGinnis’ face a la Heath Ledger’s Joker (it was meant to seem like an attack by a gang of Jokerz). Terry’s whispered “Oh, God, no” says all of it.

– The uncut version’s fairly unhealthy. Joker pulls out his faux “Bang!” Flag Gun. Bonk breathes a sight of relief. Then he and the viewers discover out it’s a spear gun and he’s Blown Across the Room, useless. The opposite Jokerz stare at his corpse because the Joker demands allegiance. – As talked about within the commentary, really the worst thing about that gun is how it is a double-subversion of the My Little Panzer trope: It has a vivid neon-pink plastic ring across the muzzle, just like all toy guns are presupposed to have to keep police from mistaking them for real guns, needlessly endangering the youngsters enjoying with them. Yet, in one of the Joker’s sometimes cruel violations of all things first rate and sacred (in this case, childhood innocence), the gun will not be a toy and never secure at all.

– The Joker’s deep, chilling voice narrating the events in both the reduce and uncut variations of the film is really terrifying, as well as the creepy music that accompanies it.

– And the blood from both the Joker’s and Batman’s mouths within the uncut model does not assist either.
In the edited model, the Joker provides Tim the laughing fuel gun and tells him to “make [Batman] considered one of us.” Nonetheless, Batman’s voice simply breaks by way of Tim’s mind, and he tosses the gun away and pushes the Joker right into a room with two tanks of water; the Clown Prince of Crime will get knocked into one, gets soaking wet, and tries going after Tim, however he slips and turns on the electrode machine. The scene instantly cuts to the outside of the room, the star wars dad shirt place his horrifying loss of life scream is heard! Nothing says it’s Nightmare Gasoline for youths like this one! And you thought the movie builders were attempting to make issues any easier. It would not.
The uncut version is much more terrifying: the Joker tosses the “Bang!” Flag Spear Gun to Tim, then pulls Batman excessive as his trophy and says, “Make Daddy proud. Ship the punchline.” In addition to his chilling voice, Tim giggles like a maniac and, if you’ve got seen the scene with Bonk, you recognize what’s gonna happen: he pulls the trigger once and the “Bang!” flag pops up. When Batman tries to calm him down with “Tim…”, he retains giggling and doesn’t calm down very simply, solely more slowly than the edited version. Also, the aforementioned blood on both Batman’s and the Joker’s mouths and the same creepy music don’t help matters both. The Nightmare Gas starts getting larger and better because the Joker, the blood still on his mouth, loudly barks out, “DO IT!!!” And the creepy music begins escalating Up to Eleven as Tim laughs more loudly and is about to pull the set off as if this have been the end of Batman. However once the boy lastly fires the gun…the projectile does not hit Batman in any respect. As a substitute, it hits the Joker in his vital spot, sending him flying across the room onto the giant constructing blocks. Gasping weakly, he mutters out his ironic Famous Final Phrases: “That is not funny… that’s not…” The Nightmare Gas finishes off together with his dying gargle as he gets choked up in blood, and then his body falling lifelessly onto the ground. Truly a Family-Unfriendly Death that’s less scary than the edited version, however still…
Robin’s disquieting giggle regularly fading into damaged sobs.
The background music that accompanies this terrifying flashback scene, “Arkham Mayhem,” is sort of all Nightmare Fuel and half Tear Jerker. Give it a pay attention… if you dare!

– Earlier than that, Tim knocks off the beakers earlier than making his hideous transformation worthy of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde into the Joker by way of microchip. And Tim’s voice evolves into that of the Clown Prince of Crime, which makes it all of the scarier.

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