Star Wars Rebels When Is The following New Episode On?

Star Wars Rebels is going on another prolonged break. Each time it looks just like the show is going to regain its footing with a string of robust episodes, Disney places new episodes on the backburner. The next new episode of Rebels, egacy of Mandalore, doesn air till Saturday, February 18 at eight:30 p.m. ET. Learn on for a preview of the episode.

In rials of the Darksaber, Sabine lastly started embracing her Mandalorian heritage. Kanan and Ezra agreed to train her with the Darksaber, which they recorded from Darth Maul hideout on Dathomir. Sabien was reluctant to even contact it, because of the pain it introduced her family and folks. Nevertheless, Rau believes that she will be able to use the weapon as an emblem to assist Mandalorians rally against the tyranny of the Empire.

Sabine agreed to prepare with the Darksaber and hopes that she can show her mother and father fallacious. They think she a traitor for leaving Mandalore, however she was actually hoping to assist them. Her parents have sided with the Empire and will probably be a problem to persuade them to help the Rebellion.

In egacy of Mandalore, the challenge begins. Here what the episode description is:

Hoping to get her household to help the rebels, Sabine returns dwelling with Kanan and Ezra, and finds herself embroiled in her family power battle for Mandalore.

That doesn inform us much, however we do know that Sabine role in Rebels will solely develop for the remainder of season three. (And hopefully, there aren any more extended breaks after this one.)

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