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Mountain Spirit Astrology : Brainiac

The geniac brainiac denizen of the zodiac, Aquarius, is sitting in the center of the stars. The Sun is joined by Mercury, the image of communications, additionally on this sign—his favourite, however moving in reverse within the heavens.

Let’s unpack the sophisticated scenario wherein Mercury, the nerve heart of the mind and the planet, finds himself. When the messenger reverses in Aquarius, novel solutions are developed. Despite misplacing your car keys, you could also be awarded a patent for a high-quality new concept.

Aries—The brainiac psychological acuity presently being demonstrated by our mind synapses, as directed by Mercury, will permit you to maneuver forward in your function in any group that you just belong to – this could possibly be the corporate you work for, or the stamp membership for which you’re the treasurer.

Taurus—Should I ask for a raise in pay during Mercury retrograde This can be a question that is heard on the planet of astrology. Here’s your reply: proceed demonstrating your experience at work till February the fifteenth, when the messenger moves forward, and then make your move.

Gemini—The mind has one hundred billion synapses and they are at all times busy firing and relaying data in the grey matter of your skull. Unique connections could be made on this fantastical system over the course of the next few weeks, with Mercury in his brainiac place in the stars.

Cancer—Mercury, the symbol of the pondering process, is now moving in reverse. Harness this mind energy to your benefit with regard to your preparations for the tax-man. This planet wants to look backward and reassess the state of affairs. He will evaluate 2014 and put together you for Caesar.

Leo—This can be a super juncture for a single Leo to develop an ingenious courting situation for another sign that you have spied within the astrological jungle. By organising an irresistible event, you might discover that you just and your potential accomplice may have a delightful date.

Virgo—A sport-changer for you might be restructuring your finances in a distinct format. Maybe your business has expanded a lot that you just need to think about changing into a company. It superman athletic shirt sale doesn’t matter what kind of ingenious change you’re considering, your tax person could be of help.

Libra—Now that the vacations are over and the youngsters are back at school, ingenious Mercury may need some indispensable ideas about how to keep their curiosity in life and faculty at an alert level. You would arrange enjoyable weekend events for them in clubs and sports activities and journey.

Scorpio—Scorpions have been enjoying alone time currently. This, combined with a current spur in creativity, could mean you can lavish time on each a precious Valentine’s Day card and present. You might, as properly, develop an unusual romantic getaway plan for superman athletic shirt sale the famous couples’ vacation.

Sagittarius—When the socially conscious sign of Sagittarius groups up with hands-on superman athletic shirt sale Aquarius, a match that is occurring now, new ideas for transferring society forward might ensue. This astrologer’s present favourite is a luxurious spa for the homeless, full with massages.

Capricorn—Mercury is reversing energetically, and his recommendation to you is to look before you leap. You wrote the e-book on leaping, and you have good vision, so this should make sense to you. Look back at the place you’ve got been, after which consider carefully the place you wish to leap.

Aquarius—Integration is an admirable state. The unification of mind, physique, and spirit is a goal in many martial arts. Mercury, the image of the thoughts, is reversing in Aquarius, his favourite brainiac position. He will let you combine your previous earlier than moving into your future.

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Pisces—The planets are piling up in Pisces, preferring to companion in your place over another. You are the following sign up the center of the birthday circle, so begin getting ready to bring your present cycle to an finish. You begin anew on the day of your birth, so prepare for a starry rebirthing.

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