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For Those Not Within the Know

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What’s up world, it’s Skyzoo, checking in for Week four of my Chain Link Champions sequence right here on SLAMonline. Shouts to everybody who checked in on my PG report/breakdown final week. It was undoubtedly one in every of my favourite items up to now. For this week, I needed to jump into a topic I’d been wanting to put in writing about for a few weeks, but decided to attend to see how the Playoffs would pan out until now. By means of that, I really feel now’s as good a time as any to debate what has now grow to be “Bizarro World” within the NBA.

For these not in the know, bizarro world, or Htrae (“earth” spelled backwards), comes from DC comics and Superman. It’s where every little thing is reverse, out of order, doesn’t make sense, etc. It was additionally referenced in “the bizarro jerry” episode of Seinfeld, where Elaine met a brand new group to hang out with, who had been all more civilized versions of Jerry, George superman logo t shirt online course and Kramer. This year’s Playoffs have been superb, however have additionally was a whole bizarro world.

Watching the Spurs drop out in the primary round, after being the No. 1 seed this season with 50+ wins, wasn’t actually a shocker to me personally. I’ve by no means been a Spurs fan, so I used to be truly happy they got rocked to sleep. However apart from that, they’re an aging workforce, so it type of made sense that they couldn’t handle the youthful run-and-gun Grizzlies. The Blazers got here close to knocking out Dallas, which wouldve been a dope shock. I’ve all the time been a Brandon Roy fan, and Gerald Wallace was a huge come up for them, for the low, at that. So even seeing them go that far wasn’t an excessive amount of of a shock. Here’s where Batzarro, The Yellow Lantern, and all the other Bizarro World characters come into play.

Watching Orlando, in all of Dwight Howard’s prowess, fall sufferer to Atlanta in the primary spherical, and then Atlanta taking the primary game towards the Bulls in Chicago; or watching Memphis put up OKC up in opposition to the ropes, repeatedly, and just about have them almost clinging for expensive life; and last but not least, the meltdown of the Lakers to the Mavs, are the makings of bizarro world, 100 percent.

Of all the above analogies, the LAL/DAL one is probably the most bizarro world-ish, point clean. It pretty much has Wayne Bruce and Kent Clark written all over it. Kobe shedding his “Kobe-ism” for multiple games, Pau Gasol disappearing utterly, Artest, Odom, Bynum, you title it—it happened, or moreso, it didn’t.

In a sense, the bizarro world that the NBA has turn into throughout this year’s Playoff run has been dope. To see the everyday LAL/BOS Finals run come to an end is thrilling (evn though I’m a Rondo fan). As fans at residence, we get uninterested in the identical factor 12 months after yr. The final three editions NBA 2k have one thing in widespread: the beginning-up display with the 2 conference champions have all had the Lakers up there, due to them continuously being in the finals for the past three years. It’s cool, but to load up 2k12 and probably see MIA/OKC, or MIA/DAL, or even MIA/MEM could be fly (yeah, you clearly see who I obtained coming out of the east).

I’m positive David Stern doesn’t need to attempt to sell us, as viewers, a MEM/ATL finals (no photographs, I bought love for each cities. Especially ATL. Shouts to Membership Onyx). But the truth is, the lowest viewed Finals in NBA historical past was in 2003 with NJ/SA. People wanna see superstars combat for the Chip, no matter what sport its in. All of us kno Stern wanted MIA/LAL, but Jason Terry deaded that, so to me, his Plan B prayer is MIA/OKC. Lebron v. Durant, Wade v. Westbrook, the brand new model of the Celtics v. the brand new model of the Lakers—I can see it.

So here’s to Miami doing what they’re undoubtedly gonna do, and to OKC hopefully doing what they gotta do. Regardless though, the Finals are the Finals, and I’ll be glued to the display screen, no downside.

Till subsequent time, see y’all on the Chain Links.
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