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Bizarro (also known as Kent Clark and El-Kal, “born” June 14, 2014) is a evil clone of Superman.
Bizarrian Physiology: Bizarro’s cellular construction is rather more dense, resilient, and biologically simpler than human tissue. He doesn’t possess superhuman power ranges despite his enhanced cellular potential without his cellular structure charged with yellow photo voltaic power. Without such charging, his bodily capabilities are identical to a human of his top and weight who engages in regular bodily activity. As an cloned alien, he possesses several organs whose functions are usually not yet disclosed or understood, but are believed to be part of or the source of his bio-matrix drive subject and reclamation aura. Bizarro’s physique also shops power actively inside his bio-cellular matrix as an vitality sample that is linked to his body’s electromagnetic area. This power powers most of his electromagnetic capabilities reminiscent of flight, arctic imaginative and prescient and other “sight”-primarily based abilities whereas supplementing his bodily skills to superhuman ranges. Solar Radiation Absorption: As a Bizzarian, his cells operate like a brilliant battery, hyper metabolizing specific wavelengths of radiation as fuel to enable dwelling capabilities and/or superhuman talents. Totally different wavelengths of radiation have completely different results on Bizarro’s physiology and effectively being, however his cells can not absorb or make the most of all kinds of radiation. The wavelength of his house photo voltaic system’s pink sun permits his physique to function on an identical stage of a healthy human while the Earth’s solar radiation in both its uncooked and filtered state via the Earth’s atmosphere acts as gasoline to enable all of his powers. Every time Bizarro makes use of any of his superhuman abilities, his body expends absorbed sunlight and he’s succesful using any of them to numerous levels by controlled circumstances. The photo voltaic-based mostly radiation of a overseas blue star proved to extend his recognized talents beneath a yellow solar to a higher degree and enabled additional powers. The existence and fixed exposure to proven “wholesome” radiation sources is not required for him to reside and make the most of his powers, however prolonged durations without publicity to them and/or utilizing his powers would require Bizarro to recharge so as to dwell and continue utilizing his powers. Superhuman Power: The precise limits of Bizarro’s strength is unknown, but he has been proven as capable of lifting far in excess of one billion tons. Different intervals and intensities of exposure to Earth’s solar radiation can cause his power to fluctuate over time. Bizarro’s known feats embrace lifting an unlimited pyramid and flying it to Mars with none strain, bodily defeating Superman in fight, shifting Earth away from the Sun with assistance from Inexperienced Lantern whereas Starbreaker was pushing it toward the Solar (a feat that at minimal would require quintillions of tons of drive), and having the power essential to shatter small planets with individual blows. Unhealthy ranges of excessive publicity to solar radiation can exceed Bizarro’s “regular” energy degree.
Invulnerability: His physique is nigh-invulnerable as a consequence of his superhumanly dense cellular and anatomical structure in addition to his radiating bio-electrical aura. Bizarro is under some circumstances resistant or immune to completely different forms and levels of lacerations, blunt force trauma, power-primarily based assaults, falls from nice heights, explosions, the chilly void of area, toxins and all identified diseases on Earth. His supercharged bio-electric “aura” acts as an invisible “power subject” radiating inside a number of millimeters from his pores and skin. He can willfully make the most of his aura strengthening it is power to a greater diploma to offer a further defense against certain ranges of physical and energy assaults for a considerably brief period of time, but doing so can endanger him should the attempted feat prove inefficient for any motive. Bizarro makes use of his aura by increasing it round a person(s) or object(s) to allow their structural stability when lifting or traveling with them. Bizarro’s invulnerability has been in fixed flux over time. He has been proven surviving the blast of nuclear warheads, getting into the Earth’s sun and rising unharmed, withstanding the influence of an exploding star, and enduring an explosion equal to 50 supernovas while already considerably weakened by red sunlight.
Extreme Heat Resistance: bizarro feels no pain when exposed to extreme heat.
Longevity: Bizarro, as a Bizarrian under a yellow sun, has a lifespan far better than that of a human. As such, he would not present signs of age as long because superman t shirt for ladies online india the yellow sun is there to empower him. As Bizarro is unaffected by earthly diseases and draws power from the solar to live, he’s effectively an ageless immortal on Earth.
Superhuman Stamina: He has the ability to keep up steady bodily actions for an undefined period. superman t shirt for ladies online india Bizarro is proven to have limitless stamina if he’s consistently exposed to Earth sunlight.
Flight: Bizarro is capable of flying at supersonic speeds (over two thousand miles per second) in a planetary atmosphere and at sooner-than-mild speeds while in house. He as soon as traveled from the Vega star to Earth – a distance of over 25 gentle years – in minutes if superman t shirt for ladies online india not seconds, that means he is able to flying over a million instances the pace of gentle.
Superhuman Pace: He is able to moving, reacting, operating and flying at superhuman speeds. While not as fast as Zoom on a planet, Bizarro can fly at speeds faster than light and is considered one of the fastest beings within the universe. He can use this power to disarm opponents, catch bullets or shrapnel and cross huge distances in seconds.
Superhuman Hearing: Bizarro has incredible hearing at extreme variances of sound and pitch frequency, allowing him to choose up noises from throughout the globe. He has proven enough control to dam out ambient sounds to give attention to a particular supply/frequency.
Tremendous Odor: On various events, Bizarro has demonstrated that his sense of scent is significantly enhanced to the purpose he can smell odors across your complete planet.
Self-Sustenance: He doesn’t need to eat or sleep (but remains to be capable of doing so) and doesn’t require oxygen to breathe enabling him to journey in space and underwater unprotected.
Healing Issue: Bizarro has been proven to have an accelerated “healing issue” enabling him to heal almost instantaneously from most wounds.
Flame-Breath: Bizarro can produce and spray super-heated plasma or lava-like fluid from his mouth by exhalation. He can destroy buildings, most residing organisms, even aliens with this potential. He may use this capability to ignite combustible materials inside a specified radius.
Tremendous Smell: On various events, Bizarro has demonstrated that his sense of scent is considerably enhanced to the purpose he can scent odors throughout all the planet.
Mimicry: Through a combination of tremendous hearing and precise muscle management, Bizarro can imitate another individual’s voice.
Arctic Vision: Bizarro can emit and release a robust concentrated amount of chilly steam from his eyes, as well as shoot ice beams from them. These beams maintain subzero degrees of temperature enabling Bizarro to freeze stable objects, dwelling organisms, and even different aliens with this skill.
Tremendous Vision: Electro-magnetic Spectrum Imaginative and prescient: He can see into all of the EM Spectrum. Bizarro can see and identify radio/television and any and all broadcast/transmitted frequencies, allowing him to avoid detection by radar or satellite monitoring methods.
Telescopic Vision: The flexibility to focus his imaginative and prescient to see one thing at an ideal distance, with out violating the legal guidelines of physics.
Microscopic Imaginative and prescient: The power to see extraordinarily small objects and pictures right down to the sub atomic degree.
X-Ray Vision: The ability to see by something except lead. Since it is passive, this capability wouldn’t generate dangerous radiation in the identical manner as a focused projection of exhausting X-ray

Men's Cotton lex luthor battle suit Short Sleeve Tops TeesProfessional Combatant: As a result of having superpowers all his life and constantly participating in battle with various foes, Bizarro has over time become an excellent hand-to-hand fighter utilizing a preventing type that straight complements his superpowers. Superman’s combat versatility permits him to adapt to any foe and beat them.
Genius Degree Intellect: He has proven unbelievable intelligence and computational skills; his mind works sharply and with excessive pace relative to earth-people. Bizarro’s analytical powers allow him to learn information straight from machines (and, with cautious usage of his heat vision, he can even reprogram machines).

Vulnerability to Magic: Bizarro might be affected by most forms of magic like any peculiar human. Bizarro’s vulnerability to magic varies relying upon the particular effects of the magic. No magic seems to be able to instantly destroy him except it comes from a semi-divine or divine source. He will be injured and worn down by magical entities. Magic can have highly effective and unpredictable effects on Bizarro and his magical enemies have often proven to be probably the most dangerous.
Vulnerability to Chi: because of Bizarro’s solar primarily based powers, planetary primarily based esoteric and vital forces could have an opposite impact on him. Luthor posited that concentrated doses of such energies could severely cripple Bizarro and turn out to be fatal, and he attempted to use this weakness with the Science Spire, which tapped into the energies.
Vulnerability to Blue Kryptonite: Like all Kryptonians, Bizarro is weak against blue kryptonite, as it’s a radioactive mineral from his dwelling planet Krypton. Blue Kryptonite renders Bizarro bodily weak and mentally ill: the effects will make Bizarro weaker the longer he is uncovered to its radiation. the blue kryptonite not solely weakens his physical attributes, leaving him weak to weapons and something typically that may kill a traditional human, but if he’s uncovered to it for too long, it’ll kill him.
Vulnerability to Crimson Kryptonite: Like all dangerous Bizarrians, if Bizarro is exposed to red kryptonite, he can be left without malice, delight, wrath, malevolent hostility and aggression Left with only morality, rationality and care, Bizarro will change into good and prone to creating him a hero to everybody around him.
Vulnerability to Green Kryptonite: robs Bizarro of his powers and abilities however does not trigger him any physical or psychological ailment.
Vulnerability to Silver Kryptonite: may give Bizarro permanent wounds or scars that can’t ever be healed and it may also cause him to lose his powers and abilities endlessly.
Vulnerability to Gold Kryptonite: Like all Bizarrian, if Bizarro is uncovered to Gold Kryptonite, It makes Bizarro dangerously paranoid and suspicious, and likewise causing him to go into a deep and frightful hallucination the place nothing from the surface world can stir him out of it till it leaves his system.
Lead: Bizarro can not see by means of lead along with his vision powers.