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Catwoman (The Batman/Superman Hour)

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Selena Kyle, aka the Catwoman, is one of Gotham Metropolis’s most notorious unhealthy ladies. In 1968, Filmation Studios ran a Saturday morning present through which she appeared with a Julie Newmar/Lee Meriwether determine and a cool costume: a dark green catsuit with lengthy white gloves and white boots. The episode, ‘Will the actual Robin Please Stand Up ‘ is considered one of her adventures value seeing; even for grown-ups!

Catwoman and her henchmen are pulling a caper at town Docks but are cornered by the Gotham Police. She’s operating away and nearly caught when Christopher Collins, a younger stowaway who just jumped ship sees an opportunity to rescue a damsel in distress. He saves Selena, but within the struggle is hit on the pinnacle and develops amnesia. She charms him into joining her gang, and notices a resemblance between Collins and Robin.

Keen to do battle for his damsel, Collins agrees to impersonate Robin and learn Batman’s true identity. Catwoman lures Robin into a lure and makes the change. Collins discovers the data, and disguised as Robin, leaves Wayne Manor to meet Selena at a rendezvous. But Batman has found out and is pursuit, as is the actual Robin who just escaped.

Everyone shows up at the rendezvous and a struggle ensues. Seeing Selena, Collins runs towards her with the key, but is knocked out by one among her henchmen by mistake. Catwoman kneels apart from Collins, while her henchmen ungallantly flee, leaving her alone with him. Collins memory was jogged by the blow—and all the secrets and techniques he’d realized forgotten! Catwoman, nonetheless confused by this, is taken and personally handcuffed by the true Robin as she struggles and begs Collins to tell her Batman’s identification.

“Honest!” Collins superman t shirt india ebay 0d exclaims, “I can not remember a thing!”
“Oh no!” Selena groans, as the reality dawns on her and she stands with her palms cuffed in front between the 2 triumphant heroes “I’ll get superman t shirt india ebay 0d you for this next time, Batman!”

“Purr-haps! Purr-haps!” the Duo laughs on the humiliated magnificence’s expense.

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