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2×04 “Survivors” Miss Martian Vs. Martian Manhunter

Supergirl recap: Season 2, Episode four, “Survivors,” Aired Oct. 31, 2016
I can’t wait one other minute! Tohtori_Outo The “Queen of the Episode” is… Miss Martian! This week’s episode, centered round our lovely M’gann and it was glorious!

Miss Martian

I would like to rant for an hour about Miss Martian’s awesomeness! Maybe someday, I’ll. For now, I’ll provde the highlights!

– J’onn meets with M’gann and says, “Let’s mind link.” M’gann replies, “Ew. No.” J’onn sadly walks away.
– J’onn tells the Danver sisters what happened. They reply, “That was means too sturdy!” J’onn says, “Oops.”
– Alex finds out M’gann is competing in an underground alien combat club. How does Alex discover out about this Oh, we will get to that!
– J’onn is mad! He yells at M’gann.
– M’gann tells him to go away her alone but provides him the information he needs.
– J’onn doesn’t pay attention and comes back to apologize to her. They each get kidnapped. Epic fail, J’onn!
– J’onn and M’gann t shirt avengers celio uk get thrown into the ring to battle to the dying.

The Undercover, Non-Date
Alex Danvers finds out M’gann is within the struggle membership. How does she do this

Ok. Not really, but a lady can dream!

The entire episode Alex and Maggie are partnered up. First, Maggie calls and asks Alex if she needs to see a lifeless body. Alex gets to the site and finds out an alien has been killed. Maggie explains the alien was an expert fighter primarily based off of the wound pattern.

Supergirl tags along with Alex to test it out. For the first time ever, the viewers wishes Supergirl was not there.

Supergirl, please go cling out with Mon-El. You are ruining the vibe!
Later, Maggie calls Alex and tells her she has a lead. Alex is advised she wants to fulfill her and put on something nice. Then this happens…

The 2 go on their undercover, “non-date”. We all know it’s a date! Maggie reveals the combat club to Alex. M’gann is competing.

The fight will get interrupted by t shirt avengers celio uk Supergirl, and everybody flees.
Miss Martian vs. Martian Manhunter!

Cut to … Martian Manhunter and Miss Martian’s kidnapping.
Roulette, the chief of the combat club, throws the Martians within the ring collectively. Roulette informs them that only one Martian makes it out alive. J’onn tells M’gann she does not have to do this.

M’gann responds by punching the sh*t out of him!
Lena has the golden ticket.

Supergirl frantically runs to Lena Luthor. Kara explains her good friend is in hazard. She asks Lena if she has heard of Roulette.

Lena responds, “Girl, of course I do know her. We went to boarding faculty collectively. I am not a fan.”

Supergirl asks for the location of the subsequent fight. Lena offers her the situation.
Supergirl tells Lena she owes her one. Yeah you do!

The Conclusion
Miss Martian decides to stop beating up Martian Manhunter. Supergirl stops the struggle, and Roulette gets avoids arrest. Who does she have in her pocket We are going to soon see. The DEO floods the ring. Everyone seems to be cool.

Or are they
J’onn goes to M’gann’s condominium. He chats along with her, and they work out their points. J’onn closes the door.

M’gann transforms into a White Martian!
For these of you that know Miss Martian from the comics, you aren’t shocked. For these of you that had no idea, shock!

What is going to happen next week now that Miss Martian’s true identification has been revealed Wait and see!
Supergirl airs Mondays at eight/7c on The CW. Check out Pure Fandom’s new podcast, SuperTalk, and tune in every week for my recaps!

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