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Proof Of Water Found On Moon

Author: By John von Radowitz, Press Association
But there‚Äôs not a drop to drink – for the water doesn’t exist in liquid form
but is sure up with minerals in lunar soil.

Nonetheless experts believe the invention might have main implications for
the future of moon exploration.

With suitable expertise water may very well be extracted from moon dust and saved
to be used in lunar bases.

Hydrogen and oxygen, the two parts of water, might also present a
invaluable supply of gasoline and breathable air.

Information from three totally different orbiting satellites detected giant portions of
water on the Moon, mostly at the poles but in addition at lower latitudes.

Scientists believe it acquired there because of bombardment by nuclear
particles pouring out of the Solar.

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Part of the Solar Wind consists of hydrogen atom nuclei. Placing the lunar
surface, these are thought to have mixed with oxygen in the rocks and
soil to form water. About forty five% of moon soil and rocks consists of oxygen,
largely sure up in t shirt batman dc zip silicates.