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Among the many Flower-lined Mountains Of Tibet

The Teen Titans found themselves on a race world wide towards the Brotherhood of Evil, who have been attempting to remove teen superheroes for their own sinister purposes. Alongside the way, the Titans rallied a collection of recent allies to their cause!

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Among the many flower-lined mountains of Tibet, Beast Boy positioned Jericho – the gentle mute hero who can possess others through eye contact.

When Robin was abducted by the Brotherhood, it was as much as Beast Boy to save his captured teammates. Gathering new allies Jericho, Herald, Pantha and Mas, Beast Boy successfully led an assault workforce to liberate the Titans and defeat the Brotherhood once and for all.

– In the comedian books, Jericho is a Titan – and in addition Slade Wilson’s son!
– Jericho has been t shirt m pokora robin des bois 90 romantically linked to both Raven and Kole.
– Jericho’s first mission was to workforce up with Nightwing and rescue the Titans from Slade and Terra, who had just betrayed the Titans!
– The comic e book Jericho was a musician; When Beast Boy first encounters Jericho, he is playing guitar.

Story Editor Rob Hoegee on Jericho: “There was an excellent deal of debate about Jericho and how we is perhaps in a position to make use of him – and whether or not he was worthy of an episode. Everyone agrees he’s an interesting character – but it can be troublesome to focus a whole episode on him. Since Jericho makes use of sign language, there have been concerns that wouldn’t animate nicely. We wished to do justice to the character, however it just didn’t work out to middle an entire episode around him. But we do see Jericho. And he does play an enormous part in wrapping the season up.”

Producer Glen Murakami on Jericho: “We just said, “Why the hell not ” Jericho is type of an odd character. He’s kind of a wimpy character. So we wanted to try and make him cool.”

Jericho first appeared in TALES OF THE TEEN TITANS #forty two-forty four [1984]. As son of Slade Wilson, Joe Wilson was born with the mutant ability to own individuals as soon as he made eye contact. A childhood accident left his vocal chord severed – leaving young Joey unable to talk. The gentle mute hero referred to as Jericho joined the Titans despite his familial ties. Long believed slain during an encounter with the Wildebeest Society in NEW TITANS #84 [1992], Jericho’s damaged spirit has managed to return from certain demise.

Calling All Titans
Titans t shirt m pokora robin des bois 90 Collectively
None; Jericho is mute.

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