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Confessions Of A Pop Tradition Virgin: The Introd..

I love films.
Those 3 words kind of describe my complete existence. I watched 106 motion pictures on the cinema final year and with the extra forty or so I noticed on Television, DVD and Netflix, I’m fairly positive I saw over a hundred and fifty throughout 2014. It’s secure to say that I’m in the highest 1-2% of UK movie lovers.

Because of this I’ve at all times been fascinated when i meet individuals which have little or no knowledge of films. Especially when the movie in query is one that’s so ingrained in pop culture that it is nearly unimaginable for somebody to reach adulthood with out seeing it.

Ladies and Gentleman, I have discovered one such woman that defies every expectation you might have of somebody dwelling within the twenty first century. She has not seen any installment of a number of major movie franchises, including movies that you’d count on to see in childhood corresponding to Star Wars, Superman or Indiana Jones!

Her title is Kourtney and, collectively, we’ve got determined that I’ll interview her after she watches every movie to see her response as a “Pop Culture Virgin.”

The primary bunch of films she is going to watch is Star Wars. But first I thought we must always do introductions so you can get to know her better.

Good day!
Why don’t you introduce your self
My title is Kourtney and I’m presently working in London’s West End.

How outdated are you
I am 22.
Am I proper in saying that you’ve got by no means seen any of the six Star Wars movies
You could be very proper in saying that.

And you even have by no means seen any of the 4 Terminator movies, the 4 Indiana Jones motion pictures, the ten Alien and Predator movies and the 12 Star Trek motion pictures.
[Laughs] And there’s most likely a few more so as to add to that!

A variety of the motion pictures I’ve simply talked about are now considered timeless classics, and you are likely to see alot of them in childhood or your teenage years.

And I am just wondering how you got nicely into adulthood with out watching them
I don’t know really… I feel I used to be encompassed by Disney when I used to be a kid and they simply never got here up. And as soon as I obtained older I was watching newer films, so all these older motion pictures I should have seen, I by no means bought spherical to. And even after i told my parents that I might never seen Star Wars, they have been like “What!”; and I thought “Well, it is form of your fault!”

Now the primary collection of films you plan on watching is Star Wars, however earlier than you do I would like to checklist off a bunch of movie franchises and I might such as you to inform me whether or not you’ve seen them.

Harry Potter
Seen all of them.
James Bond
…I’ve seen none of them.

You’ve never seen a James Bond film ! !
[She bursts into giggles]
There are like 20 motion pictures!

It is a movie franchise that has actually been operating for over 50 years!
[Nonetheless Laughing]
Okay… How about Lord of the Rings or The Hobbit
I’ve seen all the Lord of the team captain america t shirt sale Rings, however solely the primary Hobbit.

The Matrix

Any of the Marvel Movies
All of them, together with the Avengers.
Errr… Yes, apart from the final one. (The Dark Knight Rises)

The Quick and The Furious

Die Laborious
Beverly Hills Cop
[Begins giggling once more] None!

Pirates of the Carribbean

Police Academy

Sure, however solely last year as a result of my roommate is an enormous fan. She heard I hadn’t seen any of them and she made me sit down and watch them all in one weekend.

Wow, that will need to have been horrible!
Yeah, it was pretty unhealthy!
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Evil Dead
Misson Not possible

Any of the Three Flavours Cornetto trilogy So that could be Shawn of the Dead, Hot Fuzz and The World’s Finish
I haven’t seen The World’s Finish, but I’ve seen the other two.

Jurassic Park
The primary one.
The Karate Kid
[Excited] ALL OF THEM!

Any Pixar Movie
Sure, all of them.
Lethal Weapon

No, but I used to look at that Superman series with Teri Hatcher.
The Pink Panther

The Godfather
Sure! All of them!
Austin Powers

Rush Hour
Sure actually, all of them.

And the two highest grossing movies of all time are Avatar and Titanic. Have you seen both of them
I’ve seen team captain america t shirt sale Titanic.

And that is it everybody! I’m hoping to interview her after each movie and get her ideas on it. I’m planning to place up a submit each week. Be at liberty to comply with my weblog so you don’t miss future installments.

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