The Flash Episode 23 FINALE Assessment & Season 2 Predictions!

The Flash Episode 23 FINALE Assessment & Season 2 Predictions!

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Spencer Gadoury: none of the stuff occurred but that he saw while time touring

Alejandro Baeza: jay garrick is barry’s dad from a unique earth and he’s the man in the iron mask (therefore how zoom received the name jay). He can be barry’s mentor in season three, so it’s like his father by no means left. Increase.

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William Marchbanks: Here’s my concept! This black gap is actually two timelines merging in a unstable method causing a rip that may destroy not solely each the 2 time traces but that whole universe. I think flash with the assistance of Rip Hunter will have to discover a approach to solve it before it destroys the entire universe and thier answer whtever it could also be will finish within the merging of the 2 timelines and so many of the timeline now we have come to know will remain the identical with some tweaks/modifications here and there similar to killer frost or barry in prison. I think when the flash was working by way of the particle accelerator going again in time I consider the images he was seeing was of the unique timeline in addition to among the alternate timeline (which we all know because the present) and that they had been merging even then as a result of black hole that Eaborn had them open/create as Flash accessed the speedforce. I believe the black gap some how brought on a destabilizing merger of the time strains and unless Barry and probably Rip Hunter don’t stabilize it, it would destroy the whole universe! And a part of the way to do so is by merging each timelines together so it is going to be a robust sufficient ” time thread” to hold the universe collectively and the universe isn’t ripped apart. On a aspect word I additionally beleive this is how they may tie superman into this universe. Its my believe that eaborn before going again in time to kill the flash had went even further back in time and did something to maintain superman from becomeing possibly clark and or superman. Anyways that’s my loopy theory awaitung your ideas on it thanks.

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Hezekiah Ramirez: I can not believe everybody was so surprised when Eddie shot himself. I was expecting it virtually from day one. He clearly needed to be there for a cause and what other purpose would it be? I’ve commented to that impact multiple occasions but I don’t suppose I noticed anybody else predicting it.

S. Raphael Castellano: So Cisco turns into hunter Soooo cool!!!!!

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