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Cyborg Evaluate (1989) Jean-Claude Van Damme

Operating time: 86 min.
Forged: Jean-Claude Van Damme, Deborah Richter, Vincent Klyn, Alex Daniels, Dayle Haddon, Blaise Loong, Ralf Moeller, Haley Peterson, Terrie Batson
Director: Albert Pyun
Screenplay: Kitty Chalmers
Evaluate printed January 20, 2012

Sooner or later, New York, after the dreaded nuclear holocaust, is a wasteland of lawlessness and gangland thuggery. Jean-Claude Van Damme (Timecop, Avenue Fighter) performs a talented martial arts warrior named Gibson Rickenbacker, who fights for and rescues a girl named Pearl Prophet (Hiddon, North Dallas Forty) from a horde of marauders. It seems that the woman isn’t any woman, but fairly, a cyborg transformed so as to collect data and transport it to Atlanta in the hope of turning the tide on the widespread plague that has threatened humanity with extinction. However, the chief of the marauders is the fearsome psychopath, Fender Tremolo (Klyn, Point Break), a man who has historical past with Gibson and has ruined his life previously. Fender steals her back as a result of he needs the cure for himself, and it is up to Gibson, along along with his newly discovered tagalong Nady Simmons (Richter, Promised Land), to grow to be Earth’s last hope.

Gibson Fender Rickenbacker Tremolo Teen_Titans Pearl One would gather that screenwriter Kitty Chalmers (Journey to the center of the Earth, Deceit) is an enormous fan of music, given that nearly everyone’s identify will be traced to music and main instrument manufacturers.

Filmed on a shoestring finances by Cannon Films’ Golan and Globus, Cyborg’s solely selling level is that it is a starring car for Jean-Claude Van Damme, not fairly at his peak of popularity. Fans may be forgiving, however that is far from his finest work, each as the force awakens rey shirt zero an actor and as a martial artist, and it does not help that the enhancing is choppy and provides little actual sense of what is actually going on during the film’s many motion sequences. As his the force awakens rey shirt zero nemesis, Vincent Klyn’s Fender is little mots than Kurgan from Highlander in character, whose only authentic move is taking off his sunglasses sporadically so his victims might be intimidated by his piercingly fierce eyes. His voice also appears to be dubbed over to sound like the vicious however eternally amused Kurgan as properly. Albert Pyun, who would go on to direct many different equally premised post-apocalyptic martial arts b-movies, focuses solely on the motion, eschewing much in the way of dialogue and storyline as a way to pit good guy vs. unhealthy guy in a battle for survival.

With silly costumes (flashback scenes from Gibson’s youth sees Van Damme sporting the a truly ridiculous trying blonde mullet wig), questionable weaponry (Gibson’s switchblade-tipped boots appears out of place), cartoonish characters, awful music and sound, and unconvincing special results, that is the type of film that should solely be attempted by unabashed Van Damme fans and sci-fi heads who love their post-apocalyptic tales to be as cheesy and violent as the force awakens rey shirt zero might be. The entire manufacturing simply appears cheap and performs like novice hour on the movies. Street Warrior it is not.

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