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SWEEPS DAY EIGHT!! Black Canary Meets Green Arrow On Tonight’s SMALLVILLE!!

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Gunkata, yeah, Ok. Black Canary was a disappointment. And why were Clark’s ears bleeding It couldn’t have been that dangerous, except there is something more to her powers or simply bad writing, or possibly he just weak when are other JL members within the episode like within the animated JL. And does Clark even trouble to cover his identity/powers anymore He spent years NOT telling Lana or Chloe after which Black Canary finds out, no massive deal. When the hell is he going to fly I do know that they had the “No flights, No tights” rule, however it’s ridiculous when just about everyone else can fly however he can’t. He is Superman, or will be: he ought to fly. And put a mask on Green Arrow, a lower half face mask ala V for Vendetta but with a blond mustache and beard to hide that distinctive pitted chin: a little closer the walking dead hooded sweatshirt to the comics and a little extra believeable: now he is simply Oliver Queen with sunglasses. Whew! Was that sufficient griping