This Drug Restores/increases The Players Well being

Women's The Last Jedi Desgin Long Sleeve Tee ShirtFlash Dealers are a gang in Rumble Mode. They are not an precise gang, simply a set of characters that fit the category.


Flash Sellers are a big a part of the sport, selling a drug called “Flash” to the character to revive/enhance their health. They aren’t a true gang in the normal sense, as there is no apparent power structure between them. It’s unknown what connections the dealers have with each other, moreover that they promote the identical product.

They appear to be able to operate in nearly each gang’s turf, probably as a result of they do loads of business with other gangs. The sellers are White, African American, and Hispanic. They do not seem to have any specific dress code, despite working in other gangs territory. Little else is understood about the Flash Dealers, together with their command structure, suppliers, etc.

They present to be strong fighters, as when the participant attacks one, they generally fight back with a knife as an alternative of operating away. They also typically try to stiff the participant and will get away with the cash if not subdued rapidly. Being dealers, and due to this fact seeking to generate profits, they’re additionally a lot harder to mug than every other character.



Within the FilmEdit

Despite seemingly having no construction, members of the Flash Dealers could be seen attending Cyrus’ big assembly.

Within the GameEdit

Flash Sellers sell flash to the player for $20. This drug restores/will increase the participant’s health.

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  • Flash Sellers are one in every of the one identified gang besides the Warriors to consist of three races; All recognized different gangs are solely recognized to consist of 1 or two races.
  • Since Flash Dealers all the time get changed by a brand new vendor shortly after being killed or working off, it’s recommended to kill the Flash Vendor after shopping for a full inventory. Killing the Flash Seller will give you your cash back permitting to buy Flash again when the Dealer returns and thus can the trick be repeated.

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