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Injustice:Gods Amongst Us Wiki

Brainiac serves as the main antagonist and as a playable character in Injustice 2.
Brainiac is a megalomaniacal genius who roams the universe, accumulating data to increase his intellectual and scientific prowess. Obsessive about establishing his superiority, Brainiac captured Krypton’s best cities, then eradicated what remained…or so he thought. Tales of the “Last Son of Krypton” have reached far into the stars. Now, the Collector of Worlds comes to Earth to finish his accumulation of Krypton—and discovers a new world worthy of his collection.

Years before the events of Injustice, Brainiac and his forces attacked the planet Krypton, captured its capital city, and annihilated the remains of the planet. Due to his success, Brainiac believes that he exterminated the Kryptonian race, and thus is unaware of Kal-El and Kara’s survival by being sent to Earth.

Brainiac would later be drawn to Earth, primiarily due to the battle between the Regime and Insurgency (as the warfare alerted Brainiac of the presence of a surviving Kryptonian), as nicely as the advanced know-how Earth possessed. To provoke his invasion, he hacked into Brother Eye, removing it from Batman’s hands, and allied himself with Gorilla Grodd, with the latter forming the Society.

Physician Fate hints at the presence of Brainiac when he speaks to Green Arrow and Black Canary, indicating that he was the first to sense Brainiac’s invasion. He would go to seek the advice of the Lords of Order, who holds the belief that Brainiac’s conquest could carry order to the chaos created by Batman and Superman’s battle. This perception would create an inner battle inside Physician Fate as he fights to maintain his humanity.

Women's Artemis Red Hood Bizarro Cotton Long Sleeve Tee ShirtBrainiac’s first official appearance is when he appears earlier than Bruce Wayne through Brother Eye, noting the futility of the latter’s attempts to regain control. He then states his ultimatum: the world must flip over Superman alongside Earth’s advanced know-how, or else danger Earth’s destruction.

Power and abilities
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Super Move
Skull Ship: Brainiac sprouts his 4 mechanical appendages in his again, considered one of them grabs the opponent and kicks the opponent to the bottom, he then sends 4 robots to hearth their harpoons on his enemy before his ship arrives and activates a laser beneath the ship that fires down at the opponent, destroying his personal robots with sufficient drive from the laser.

Move Listing

Brainiac: Obviously Batman and Superman have many questions. The place did I come from Why am I here toddler star wars t shirt canada Am I pal or foe It’s time to reveal the reality.

Brainiac 5: I’m Brainiac 5. A descendant of the unique Brainiac, however without his homicidal tendencies. Sooner or later, folks worry Coluans because of my ancestor. So I elected to come back again in time and Men’s Desgin Silver_Surfer Short Sleeve Tops Tees fix that. Now that I’m achieved, I am going again the place I belong–the thirty first century. The Legion of Super-Heroes will grill me for “borrowing” a time bubble. But all they really need to know is that I’m on their facet, and at all times might be. Long live the Legion!

To the appropriate is the base skin for Brainiac, Coluan Conqueror. He’s carrying his default gear. The remainder of his costumes will be found on his gallery page.

Brainiac served as a stage interactible on the Insurgency in the unique Injustice: Gods Amongst Us. He was initially believed to be the Brain, a villain of the Teen Titans, until information on the 1.06 patch notes confirmed his identity.
Jeffrey Combs (Brainiac’s voice actor) greatest known for playing the lead character Dr. Herbert West in the Re-Animator horror films and Ratchet from the Transformers franchise, had previously voiced the Question in Justice League Limitless. – Previous to Brainiac, Combs voiced a Marvel antagonist of related caliber, Samuel Stern a.okay.a. “The Leader.” Both villains are inexperienced skinned extremely mental beings who goal to take management by way of nefarious, unorthodox vogue (albeit Samuel was initially human). Both villains are additionally capable of telepathic control (and ordering round henchmen) to achieve their ends.
Combs is also identified for toddler star wars t shirt canada voicing Gyrus Krinkle, a villain from Tremendous Robotic Monkey Crew Hyperforce Go. He, like Brainiac, is very intelligent and mechanically gifted, however unlike Brainiac he is mentally unstable and becomes enraged if his deluded fantasies are interrupted.