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Flat Vs. Upright Lie In Golf

If golf wasn’t a lot fun, the complexities of the game would possibly drive individuals off the hyperlinks in droves. Along with the intricacies of the swing itself, you must deal with the entire problems with fashionable tools, from shaft flex and torque to golf ball compression. And that’s not all. “Considered one of the most important clubhead specs affecting accuracy is the lie angle of irons at impact,” explains Greenwich Golf. Thankfully, club fitters can journey to the rescue and tailor your whole gear, including the lie of your irons, to your specific swing.

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As PGA professional Tim Graves on the Moe Norman Golf website states, the lie of your irons is defined as the angle made between the shaft and the ground. “The bottom line is to have a membership with a proper lie angle that ensures the sole of the club is parallel with the ground at impact …” An upright lie happens while you sole the club and the toe of your iron is off the ground and up in air. A flat lie happens when an iron tilts in the other route so that the heel is off the turf.

Bad Lies Hurt
For those who contact the ball with an upright lie, the heel of the walmart mens v neck t shirts membership hits the bottom first, which tends to produce pulled and hooked shots, writes instructor Hank Haney on “Golf Digest” website. A flat lie causes you to strike the bottom with the toe, resulting in pushes and slices. Moe Norman Golf says that a 5-iron with a lie angle that’s four degrees too upright or flat could cause a pull or push of as a lot as 40 feet from your target, usually the distinction between hitting and lacking the green.

Upright Will not be All Right
Andrew Rice Golf bemoans the tendency of fashionable membership makers to design clubs with lies which can be more upright than up to now, noting that each one-time great players, equivalent to Ben Hogan, used irons with a lot flatter lies. Upright lies help players with flawed swings keep away from fading or slicing the ball as a lot, the walmart mens v neck t shirts most common mishit of excessive-handicappers. However SCOR Golf argues that the modern upright shaft encourages poor swing mechanics.

The Fix is in the Fit
The traditional take a look at to determine if your irons are too upright or flat is to go to the vary with a small piece of plastic or plywood, put a strip of masking tape on the only of your irons and whack just a few balls off the laborious floor. The tape will point out where the sole is making contact and allow you to find out whether or not your lie is too upright, too flat or excellent. But if you walmart mens v neck t shirts wish to play your best, get an entire fitting from an expert membership fitter who can measure not only lie but in addition clubhead speed, launch angle and different crucial elements as a way to arm you with the very best gear.

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