Whats Flashpoint?

In the wake of tonight’s season two finale of The Flash, numerous persons are asking: what’s subsequent?

The reply, every comic book fan will let you know, is Flashpoint.

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Flashpoint was a 5-subject miniseries written by Geoff Johns and featuring art by Andy Kubert. It informed the story of an alternate universe where there was no Superman or The Flash, Wonder Lady and Aquaman’s nations had been on the brink of struggle, and Batman was Thomas Wayne, pushed to the sting after the homicide of his son in Crime Alley.

With the world hanging in the steadiness as a darkish and ultra-violent conflict between Atlantis and Themyscira plunged components of Europe into the ocean, Barry Allen was the only one who might remember the pre-Flashpoint world, and had to work to restore his powers so that he may travel again in time and fix it.

The large twist, for those who do not realize it, is that the terrible, near-apocalyptic timeline was the results of Barry Allen touring back in time to save lots of his mom from being murdered by the Reverse-Flash.

There was loads of talk at the top of The Flash’s first season that Flashpoint might be coming, since Barry appeared poised to journey again in time to save his mother. As an alternative, he stayed his hand, let historical past run its course, and returned to discover the multiverse.

This time around, no credible voice I heard was suggesting that Flashpoint was on the horizon, so the showrunners successfully managed to fool the fan base with a tease that it might be coming quickly.

The Flashpoint storyline was, in its most basic terms, tailored into an animated feature film titled Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox. It’s among the best-reviewed and finest-regarded of the DC Universe animated films, and certainly worth testing if you wish to attempt to work out for yourself what items of the story might or might not play a giant role on The Flash next season…!

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