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Steph Closes Her Eyes

The sound of her slap reverberates around the Cave.
100% Cotton dc robin tim drake Short Sleeve Custom Autumn Children's T-shirtSteph closes her eyes. ‘Trigger significantly shouldn’t it be awkward silent (as in you can hear crickets or a pen drop) contemplating what she simply did

Let or not it’s put it on her gravestone that Stephanie Brown is useless, once more, as a result of she slapped the Godd*mn Batman because he white wonder woman t shirt 720 was being a d*ck. Which white wonder woman t shirt 720 actually is not a shocker least not to her as a result of he’s all the time been considerably of an *sshole to her however he had been a d*ck to his son who he only in the near past learnt wasn’t any longer dead.

She wonders if she’ll truly stay dead this time or if she’ll simply crawl out of her grave like Buffy agai-

Her thoughts are interrupted by Jason choking on his laughter. Steph’s cheeks flush. That is what she gets by defending him Her hand itches to slap Jason as properly.