Why ‘Agents Of SHIELD’ Chose Robbie Reyes Over Johnny Blaze As Ghost Rider

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When Brokers of SHIELD determined to deal with fan-favourite Marvel character Ghost Rider in season 4 of the ABC drama, the show’s producers had a choice: go with Johnny Blaze, the most nicely-identified iteration of Ghost Rider, or a lesser-recognized model.

Marvel Tv head Jeph Loeb and govt producers Jed Whedon and Maurissa Tancharoen determined to go with possibility B and solid True Detective alum Gabriel Luna as the newest model of Ghost Rider, Robbie Reyes. Informal fanboys know all about the original Ghost Rider, Johnny Blaze, due to the two stay-action Ghost Rider movies starring Nicolas Cage, and most of the comic books are about the stunt motorcyclist who sold his soul to who he thought was Men’s Yoda Cartoon Print Long Sleeve T-Shirt the devil. So why is Robbie Reyes coming to SHIELD within the fall?

“Truthfully, Nicolas Cage turned us down,” Whedon jokes to The Hollywood Reporter. We moved on as fast as we may,” Whedon told THR with a giggle before confessing Robbie’s backstory was too enticing to pass up.

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“At the tip of the day, SHIELD is really a present about family,” Loeb tells THR. “I know that it appears like a show a couple of bunch of spies which might be working round on an enormous, big aircraft which can be saving the world every week, nevertheless it really is about a group of people that come together because they’ve no one else of their lives. Once you watch the show from that viewpoint, you actually understand that Coulson (Clark Gregg) is a father determine, and these folks around him are folks he must look after and make sure they’re Ok.”

Since Robbie was launched into the Marvel canon in 2014, his story has focused on his household history as he lives with and takes care of his developmentally disabled brother Gabe and will do anything to maintain each of them away from the gangs that run East Los Angeles.

“Robbie’s story, in its inception, is the story of an older brother who’s looking after his youthful brother, after which how the world of the Ghost Rider modifications that dynamic,” Loeb says. “That’s true of any Marvel hero. We start in a place the place it is something we will all relate to, and then something extraordinary occurs to them, not that they’ve ever requested for it. What we’ll find out along the way is Robbie’s journey now that he has the burden of being the Ghost Rider, what that does and extra importantly how that affects our cast at SHIELD.”

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To hear Tancharoen tell it, the very fact that there’s so little supply material on Robbie in contrast with Johnny was additionally a giant factor of their selection.

“Persons are familiar with Johnny Blaze. Robbie Reyes is a brand new iteration of the character,” Tancharoen tells THR. “There’s not lots of fabric on the character so it provides us a number of room to have our take on it. And also, just the fact that he’s a younger kid who grew up on the streets of East L.A., we preferred that backstory.

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