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STRAITENED CIRCUMSTANCES: Tim Hanley On Surprise Woman And Girls In Comics

Tonight on The massive Bang Principle, the guys convinced Penny’s new boyfriend to enter a costume contest with them, in hopes that he would make a better Superman than Leonard did (Leonard grew to become Inexperienced Lantern, relegating Raj to Aquaman). Leia_Organa Penny was then roped into dressing as Marvel Girl:

Prompting Sheldon to query:
I’m sorry, however in what universe is Surprise Woman blonde

Ultimately, Penny sported a wig for the competition, which they won:
The most effective alternate of the night came from Sheldon attempting to convince Penny to come to the contest.

Sheldon: I perceive why you’re upset.
Penny: Really
Sheldon: Yes. You’re afraid that costume makes you look fats.
Penny: No! Wait… does it !
Sheldon: Don’t worry. Surprise Woman was an Amazon, and Amazons are usually very beefy gals.
Penny: Goodbye, Sheldon. (slams door)
Sheldon: But they’re not blonde, so put in your wig!!

I love The big Bang Theory. It hits near dwelling quite a bit (I too have my very own spot on the couch, and get very irked if anyone else sits in it), but it’s hilarious. AND it’s super fun to observe intently when they’re of their apartment or the comic retailer to try and spot comics or toys that I have. There is, perhaps not surprisingly, quite a lot of crossover between my collection and that of Sheldon and Leonard.

After all, regular Massive Bang viewers will wonder woman hooded sweatshirt 90 know that tonight will not be the first time that Surprise Woman appeared on the show:

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